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That Crazy Thing Called Love

It's always odd when you reconnect with an ex....or when you have an ex that won't leave you alone. When I was in 9th grade I lost my virginity to this guy named Nick. He was and still is the prime example of the boy you shouldn't date. Well actually we didn't date til the 10th grade I wasn't in love with him when I lost it, I figured I did everything else why not? Much like Isabel in Let's Get Lost, I was a girl running around looking for love, nothing has changed much since then except I stopped looking for love.

So Nick happily stepped up to the plate so eager too take it from me. I remember when he first found out I was a virgin his exact words were "Oh. I'm going to have fun with you." such a charmer he was. That's how this two year love affair began. We started talking on and off, kinda, I can't describe what we were. We weren't exclusive, I didn't know the boy's last name, he was just there. But let's get in to the real story shall we? I know we met in highschool of course, we were in the stairwell and he asked my friend about me. Once I found out I gave him a kiss on the cheek and it was all down hill from there. A few weeks later we exchanged numbers and began texting. Three months later I was skipping school with him and his brother running in a clunking black coat across a huge field on my way to lose my v-card. 

I never had any idea of how exactly I wanted to lose my virginity I thought it would just happen like everything else had. All I ever thought in my head was a silhouette of me and a male kissing as a small TV above our heads showing static snow. How I lost it? In a dirty bedroom with an eastern motors commercial hunched over a single sized bed and going through the back door before the first. I remember exactly what I wore that day. Not the outfit but my "lingerie." It was an old ratty bra with too much padding and too thin straps. I had sewn the straps on poorly and it was clearly too big for my still blossoming breast. I also wore my first thong I had brought from Victoria's Secret it was a green thong with sparkly trim with the words 'Pink and Frosty' on the front with a deer. I still have that thong, it's sentimental. I had that thong for 10 years, I don't think I'll ever get rid of him much like the first guy to ever be inside of me. 

The wild thing isn't even how we met or even how the relationship was, after we "made love" I hadn't seen him in a while. My best friend at the time told me that she was talking to him in the hall and he had told her it was this big game. He never cared about me and anything else a young girl didn't want to hear. I was heartbroken for months. When I told him about it he vehemently denied it, saying that he hadn't been in school that day ( which isn't a total jump because he was never in school) I, of course believed, my best friend. 

The twisted part of the tale is one summer I was over her house and she was going on about how
 I should see him. Yes my friend, best friend, who was witness to this jerkhole trashing me, now wants to see this guy and forgive him. I kid you not. So of course I went out and there was this big performance and we were back cool. Back together happily ever after. Nope. Went back to school and there he was with some chick, but that didn't stop us from running around behind her back pretty soon we were dating and she was long forgotten. I thought we would work out even introduced him to my God cousin, whom he didn't skip a beat with and hit on her on MySpace, she had the screenshots to prove it. 

I promptly ended it that day over 10 years ago, and this fool is still contacting me. Trying to talk to me see how my life is going, he's had girlfriends that he's loved but I guess the only one that counted was when he said he loved me. Well I can't speak for him, but that's what his actions are telling me cause this is a long time to be playing this game especially seeing how I moved years ago and haven't seen him in years and I mean years. Maybe I'm the one that got away, well keep watching me walk away cause it'll be a cold day in hell when I go back to that mess.

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