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Declutter Your Wardrobe w/ Merlot

source: oprah

Everyone at some point has looked in their wardrobe and thought to themselves " what the f*** am I going to wear? It happens especially if you have a decent sized wardrobe. It comes from 1. Having to many options and 2. Not knowing what is in your wardrobe. It's not the worst problem to have, it like having food but not knowing what to eat.

 As long as you simplify it to what you're in the mood to eat and what you actually will make then it's pretty easy to solve your problem.  Same thing with clothes. All you have to do is simplify what you actually will wear and an tolerate when you wear it then you'll be good.

I used to have this problem, that is until I decided to clean out my closet it was the most relaxing hair pulling experience things ever. So I grabbed a glass of my favorite Merlot and went to town! Starting with pulling out all of the things that I don't wear or never saw before and put them in my goodwill/sell pile.

Whatever was left I tried to make outfits out of the remaining clothes. Anything that didn't go well together with at least 2 other pieces, I tossed. Why? Because if I couldn't find an outfit to go with it out of my remaining clothes it's going to turn to clutter. 

Before I knew it my closet was a well talored masterpiece of clothing that I loved ans would actuall wear. 

A great thing about cleaning out your wardrobe is when you go shopping you know what's already in there, so you dont double purchase. You also hone in on your style, meaning you learn what you will and won't wear. For example if you're more of a sneakers and hoodie girl and you go shopping and see a pair of super sexy heels that you want you'll stop and think am I really going to wear them? You can analyze your closet and base off the things that you already have (or what you just threw away )you can decide if it's worth the purchase.

After I finished with my clothes, I repeated the same process with my shoes and my jewelry. I couldn't dare to do this with my make up,because there's far to much of it and it's on a " I need this for this look" basis. Like, I don't contour everyday or wear red lipstick enough but the chance that I do it will have it. Besides I never sit in the mirror for hours on end wondering what to put on my face. But as far as clothes that's easy.  However if you do need to clean out your make up a great rule of thumb is if you have two you dont really need the first one.

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