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Feminism: Divided We Stand

Over the past few days I've noticed a trend amongst my feminista's, we do not stand together ladies. AT.ALL. Whether it's a debate on how we raise our kids or a discussion on what girls should wear to school, we are the prime example of unity divided.

Take for instance, earlier today. There was a discussion on breastfeeding. A young mother probably like very early 30's or late 20's wrote an article stating how she breastfed her child even when she was a toddler. Of course some women agreed others didn't, which is fine you're allowed to raise your child anyway that you see fit. It wasn't so much that people disagreed, it's how they disagreed. Taking personal offense as if we were talking about their children in particular. Take for example my comment. Basically to sum it up I said I don't think that you should breastfeed your child when they're a toddler, if I saw it I would find it odd. And people were furious! Telling me that it was wrong that I felt like that, and that there's nothing wrong with it. They went on to say that they would breastfeed their child in my face to make me feel uncomfortable. Now I want to go on record saying that I'm not one for breastfeeding. I get why you do it, hell that's what boobs are made for. I just don't like anything really dealing with motherhood, not my cup of tea. However, it does not gross me out.  I understand that their are certain things that I will never understand, I would never, ever tell another woman how to rise her child. As long as you're not harming them it's no business of mine. But, when it's time to voice my opinion I will.

We as woman need to learn how to respectfully disagree and move on with our day. Nothing should ever make your turn against your fellow woman. If you can't have a healthy debate with out trying to shove your belief down someone else's throat you're not a feminist, you're a feminazi. A woman who's sole person is to have everyone think and act like her. We are woman with multiple opinions an views, and we should be able to agree and disagree with each other without making it seem as if we hate each other. Enough of the back handed comments and the rude taunts. If we truly want to get any real momentum behind the  feminist movement we have to learn to stand together despite our differences.

Regardless if you're pro life or pro choice you should be able to stand together and hold hands as you walk to end this rape culture we live in. It's a dangerous world for everyone woman, young and old, and it's not going to start to change unless we change ourselves. I'm not asking us to be the best of friends, I'm just asking us to put aside our petty squabbles for a larger cause, we have real battles to fight and getting mad at someone because they prefer to shave or not to breast feed a toddler is not one of them. Let's stop the war against woman by first stopping the hate between us over or small differences. 

When you get right down to it, we're all for one thing. A woman's right to choose and the betterment of woman's lives everywhere lets not lose sight over that. 

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