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Fit Tea 3 Week Review

So here we are guys 2 weeks into the Fit Tea detox, and ladies I gotta say this isn't working to well. I love it in the morning as a little pick me up, this tea is really good if you want to get off coffe( as if) for something more natural and a tad less expensive if you're a starbucks girl.

Have I seen any noticable weight loss? No. But again if you read my inital review you'd know that detox is not the same as weight loss. Detox is just cleaning out the system, which it does. This does keep me regular and as a result my stomach and bloating has went down, which is it's job. However, I don't think that it'll get any better than this. I kick myself wishing I had taken a before picture but you know how that goes, excitement got the best of me and I was bloated and unconfirtable. However I will show you an after photo since not much has changed since the beginning. I still have my mini tire going around but it has gone down a lot. If only it would disappear.

I am starting a new diet saturday when all of this black friday and thanksgiving mess is over with and i can go shopping in piece. I'm curious to know how the diet will effect my weight loss with the tea. Will it get better or will it turn to shi* ? i guess we'll find out.

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