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Fit Tea: Initial Review

So like many of you who are on instagram, I'm sure you've seen or heard about Fit Tea. If you haven't let me give you the tea.  Fit Tea is a brand that is widely promoted on Instagram, instamodels and celebrities rave about so, of course, I bought in to the hype.  Not only that but the results pictures that I've seen are great.  Here's what the website says.... "Used all over the world for thousands of years is weight loss secret effectively help any fitness programs. Give us a few weeks and you'll be great! Fit Tea is your #1 Health solution that promotes weight and gives you tons of energy! Also it doesn't taste bad either! Over 5000 positive reviews!"

The all natural ingredients in Fit Tea may help:
  • Promotes Fat Burning
  • Boost Immune System
  • Promotes Smooth Digestion
  • Promotes Loss Of Body Weight
  • Found to have Antimicrobial Properties.

The Ingredients found in this

  • Organic Green tea - Boost Metabolism
  • Oolong Wu Yi - Burns Fat
  • Organic Rooibos - Anti inflammatory, anti viral,
  • Ginger-  Digestive Healthave
  • Pomegranate- Energy Booster
  • Guarana - caffeine
  • Birch - Immune Health
  • Stevia - sweetener
  • Corn- Flavor
  • Honey Powder -  Healthy sugar

After talking with my friend who's a trainer they told me that these ingredients are good to help with the immune system, and digestive health so I figured why not? I'm not expecting to drop dress sizes I'm mainly using it to clean out my digestive system and help with my food cravings. But if it helps me lose a couple pounds that works too.

Now when I ordered the tea I placed the order on the website but paid through paypal. I placed my order fairly early in the day like 11 or noon, but I never really received an order confirmation and that really bugged me. The day after I emailed them asking if they had received my order and on the website they said it would take 24 to 48 hours to receive a message back. Which is kinda crazy seeing that it's the only way to contact them, but they're still a new company soo it's average I suppose. following day I receive an email from them saying that my package has been shipped as well as a reply to my email saying that my order was received and shipped which was awesome!

I placed my order on the 4 and received it on the 9th which is super fast shipping. It came from USPS my normal mail person delivered it so it came when my normal mail came,so no waiting for ups! Yet when I opened the shipping bag it wasn't what I order. I had purchased the 14 day detox but they sent me the 28 day, I can't be to mad because it's more but so far I'm not loving the way they do business. It seems very unorganized to me see how there's no way to really contact them or get a quick response.

Any way back to the product. The packaging was nice, it's simple enough. It came in a resealable little baggy, and I love the way the tea come in little mesh bags. It allows you the freedom of using the bag or opening it up and using a strainer I just use it in the bags.  The tea smells very sweet and I like that I can see the ingredients that they said were in the tea.  Now they really didn't tell you how much of what was in the bag like if it was a teaspoon of Green tea or not or fully list out the ingredients which may be uncomfortable to some people as well as on the packaging it says that it's not FDA approved. Which could mean they could be putting something in the tea that they don't want you to know about or it's a brand new company that can't afford it right now. I'm guess the later just because of the reviews I've seen both on the website and other  online sources. Also, Honey powder isn't considered a natural ingredient you can really find in nature so it really shouldn't be listed as a natural ingredient.

But, I didn't learn about all this until after I tried the product, I let my excitement get the best of me and I dipped it in hot water as soon as possible! I liked it, it was a very good tea and naturally sweet all I did was add a little lemon juice and was set. But if you're a tea drinker you know most teas are a little bitter, this was not. It didn't send up too many red flags because it does have so many natural sweeteners. A few moments after I did feel some movement below and it give me some gas, but that's what it's supposed to do. Again, I'm letting y curiosity get the best of me and I will continue to try it with the detox, based off the reviews and my first taste not showing anything more than a tea. I'll keep you posted on the results.

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