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Fit Tea: One Week Review

So, it's officially been one week since I started detoxing with Fit Tea and I have to say it's not too bad. I'm happy to say even though it's not FDA approved I'm not dead so that's always a huge plus. But on a serous not I am enjoying the tea it's self, I'll be honest I have skipped a day (life and sleep prevents me from getting up in time to make the tea) but on the days that I do use it, I feel a jolt in energy as well an over all happiness plus in my mood.

 As far as any weight loss I haven't notice any, but I don't get bloated as badly as I used too which I' loving and it has made me more regular. (thanks ginger)

I have been drinking the tea along with waist training with hopes that it will speed up the process, it hasn't all though I do think that my stomach is looking thinner. I probably should add exercise too this regime. I'm considering yoga, it seems simple with some benefits, I just have to find time.

I'm also considering starting my gym membership back up, I have to say I do miss it. I think if I combine both the tea, waist training, and working out and eating right I will be ready to slay come summer. Now just to do it! It's only been  week so I have no real updates for you, I'll post another update in two weeks when I hopefully have some real results for you.

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