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Master Lazy Girl Chic in 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how those girls who always look so put together always look so put together? It's no longer a mystery. When I was younger there was this girl I always admired. Every time I saw her in the hall I would stop and stare, she was a freaking goddess in my eyes. I still remember what she looked like, short blonde finger waves a long army green pea coat all black underneath with high heel booties and face beat to the gods. She was perfect, to me at least. Then there was me, in my t shirt and old jeans black chuck Taylor's that were so old they were turning brown, and frizzy hair w/ bad acne. I had to do something and I did.

There was no way I was going to match that level of chic. I was unschooled in the world of fashion, as well as I didn't feel like putting in that kind of work! What was a homely girl to do? Trick herself in to being stylish of course! I devoured every fashion magazine that I could find and took notes.   What exactly made these girls so chic and how could I channel that in to something that I could actually do. So I created 6 simple rules for myself based of what I saw in magazines and what I should do.

1. Throw Out All Old, Faded T-shirts and Any Other Ratty Clothes
       The main thing with looking chic is having quality clothes. Anything that does not look well taken care of needs to be tossed. So ripped tops, and stained clothes, get rid of its not helping your cause. 

2. Small Details
     Pay attention to the actual styling of your clothes, remember it's not what you wear but how you wear it. An oversized denim button up and leggings can look basic. But if you roll up the sleeves, add a thin belt or tie up the bottoms you've given it a whole new look.

3. The Keys In Neutrals
   Stripped shirts, floor length coats, and trousers are  always perfect. As a starting point of course, after you get your groove add pieces that speak to you. But you want to keep these on hand because they pair well with just about any thing and occasion.

4. Invest In A Statement Jacket
      A good statement jacket with interesting details, in a soft shade is a great way to dress up a shirt and jeans without much effort.

5. Fall In Love w/ Accessories
   Rings, bracelets, handbags, & earrings, are easy ways to dress up any outfit. Even sunglasses can make and outfit look simply chic with the proper pairing.

6. Embrace The Dress
     When I tell you a dress is a lazy girl's best arsenal in her wardrobe I'm not lying! I've gotten extra minutes of sleep thanks to a dress, because all you do is slip it on and you're done, and you look amazing. My favorite is a long sleeve, mid length dress. They could be either dressed up or down and styled to many ways. Also they transfer from season to season well.

***Bonus*** 7. Get Some Dark Wash Jeans
         Dark denim is a very versatile, very necessary piece in realay any girls wardrobe. It can take you from day to night with a easy shoes change as well as make your outfit look pulled together, just make sure there are no rips or tears in the fabric (unless they're supposed to be there)

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