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The Best Bath For Your Skin

When the weather starts getting cooler there's nothing more relaxing than a nice warm bath. The only thing that's better than just relaxing in the tub without a care is when it benefits your skin. For years, all around the world, baths have been used for both therapeutic and beauty remedies. So don't think of a bath as just a bath, a bath is "you time". It's not only meant for hygienic  purposes but it's also a great way to deep condition your skin in the best way possible.

Think of the tub as your mixing pot to make your own beauty cocktail full of skin conditioning ingredients. You can put nearly anything in the tub and come up as beautiful as a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Baths have always been a special past time for me. Every since I was little I would spend long hours just soaking till my skin would prune or my dad would bang on the door which ever came first. Now that I'm older not much has changed except I learned to make the bath as relaxing and beneficial to my skin.

I created this recipe from by combining recipes products that I found online to help skin in to one super relaxing creamy bath. It'll have your skin feeling like you just left the spa. 


1 cup of milk ( the lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin)

4 tsp of honey ( detoxify the skin)

1 bag of Epsom salt (helps elevate any aches or pains as well as detox)

1 tbsp of body oil (moisturize)

Before you  run your bath sprinkle the Epsom salt along the base of the tub until it's lightly coated. Then sprinkle in the oil. next began filling the tub when its about half way full began adding the honey it should just be a large blob on the base of the tub. Just swish it around with your hand and it'll spread out into the water. Lastly pour the milk in.  

After about 10 minutes or so you can begin actually bathing, you just want to make sure that our kin absorbed all the benefits of the mixture. For added softness you can exfoliate with a physical scrub, it does lessen the benefits of the bath at all. When you're all done moisturize with your favorite lotion.

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