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Why I Will Never Wear A Menstrual Cup

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For years I've heard of all the great benefits of wearing a menstrual cup. The biggest being that it's great for the environment, also a great and cheaper option if you're looking for something other than your tampon, they are also quick to mention that it's very comfortable. But something just doesn't sit right with me and menstrual cups.

Let's start with the whole self insertion as well as how you must insert it. You can't just stick it up on in you and be done.. You have to fold it in a U-shape by pressing the sides of the cup together and then folding it in half again forming a tight "U" shape. Or you could fold it in to a triangle by placing your finger on the top rim of the cup and press it down into the center of the inside base to form a triangle. No matter how you choose to insert it it has to be inserted horizontally and rotate. Now that already sounds like a head ache, especially since all I have to do with a tampon is open it up and insert it.  Nice and easy.

The whole "cup" idea is something that I just don't like. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who's period fluctuates mid day. Like i start off light during the morning then by mid afternoon I flood like the red sea. I'm not dealing with that spillage, I know tampons leak as well, not saying that they're perfect. What I don't have to deal with a tampon like I do with a cup is having to grab a tiny stem covered in blood and other slippery substances that our body produces during this hell week and try to pull it out. By the time I get out my full cup fingers will be covered in blood and I would have had two panic attacks worry about not being able to get this thing out.

Speaking of getting it out, there's no air in my vagina, I don't about other girls, but mine doesn't. And I'm opting that after folding that little sucker all kinds of ways to get in there and open there's not any air in that thing. That's a recipe for some serious suction. And if it does have air or any kind of gap wouldn't it be more prone to leaking?If it doesn't have a gap it can get stuck in my vagina. Seems to risky.

Now I understand that tampons can get expensive(if you buy them monthly but if you buy it in bulk it's alot less) but it's not like the cup is a one and done solution you'll have to buy multiple. Also one cup at Walgreen's is 39.99, 40 bucks for 1 cup? It better be worth it. It's also a more environment friendly option, but so are cloth pads and they require half the effort. You still have to wash or your cup just like you would your pad so spare me with it's gross.

I will say 12 hour "leak proof" protection sounds like a good deal, So if you're curious please try it and let me know how it goes. If you wear one and you love it, let me know why. Because I clearly don't get the hype. 

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