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Could This Be The End Of Fashion Week?

We all remember fashion week in its prime when editors and stylist came around too oo and awe at what hot for next season and she'd the mistakes of seasons past. Now, as any fashion lover noticed , fashion week has become a "look at me" spectacle of look at me street style and fashion bloggers in clothes I'm sure they never wear. It's become harder and harder to actually focus on the new clothes and more about who was in the front row. Shame. I mean how can you be prepared for the next season when you're snapping Solange and Kylie Jenner on the front row and north west crying  at her father's show. Pity,while talking about fashion week I just made 3 references to the Kardashian's, doesn't that already show what's painfully wrong with fashion week?

 I remember there was a time when Anna Wintour said a Kardashian will never be at Vogue and when there was no chance in hell she'd be at the met gala but, there she was. Twice. And we wonder what went wrong with fashion week it's become "looks who's there" not "look at the collection."

Now there's talks about letting it be open to the public. To let the consumers see what is in right now and what's ready to wear while the editors are shown what is in store for next season, by appointment only. Which I think is amazing so now we can actually see what's on for next season, not just who's there. Also, maybe fashion journalism can be restored to its former glory! I mean don't get me wrong, I'm a blogger I'd love to know what the dish is , but I love me a good magazine. I wouldn't care for fashion week being open to the public, I just feel as if it would be another black Friday but worst . Like balmain for h&m but for a week, it'd be madness!  I couldn't. All the glam would be removed unless you're the elite. Then again some how I be the man repeller and the blonde salad will find their way in there too .. then it'll be fashion week all over again.

Source: NY Magazine 

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