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Fit Tea Final Review

Well we've finally reached the end of our journey! My final thoughts on fit Tea you might ask? It's a good tea in theory, however do I think I'll purchase it again, I'm not so sure. 

It's not that I didn't like the tea,  I did. It was a great energy boost as well as helped my bloating which before the tea I had a lot of.  But did I see any actual weight loss? No.  Did I lose any inches from my waist.. No.  Did I feel as if it really detox ed me? Kinda.  Like,  I mean it kept my regular enough to feel good,and I felt it on that first day but every day after it didn't help as much.  

Also I felt like it worked a lot better when I went on a diet. That's when I really started feeling better as well as seeing a real difference. But that's obvious. I wasn't eating awful,  but I wasn't eating healthy but if that's what it takes then why bother with the tea? If it's not the one giving me the results why get it? 

In short,  should you get the tea? It depends if you're looking for a substitute for coffee then yes! It really does energize you and help with bloating. However if you're looking for actual weight loss then don't bother.  It's not going to do anything but cut the bloat. Which is does amazingly, but don't expect any miracles. 

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