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Growing Out Your Perfect Pixie

Source: FunHaircut

There comes a time in every pixie princesses life where we consider changing our chic and effortless style, for something more, versatile? It's not that we don't love it, it's just gotten old, or you're ready for a new trend. That time has come for me. I hadn't realized it but I've had my pixie cut a long time, I mean a long time. I cut my hair back in 2010, it's about to be 2016! But I loved my pixie cut, it's really do but I must shed my past and make way for the future.

Just like everyone else has done in december. It's time to rebirth. Maybe it's your time too? You've rocked that pixie cut 10 ways from Tuesday and now you're ready for a new look, well join the club ladies. I've searched high and low for the best tips I could find on how to painlessly grow out a pixie cut and I'm here to share them with you.

Ok, so this rule isn't one that I found on the internet but it's one that I found helps. Get a buddy, seriously.  I'm dating this guy who has this amazing beard that I don't ever want him to part with. He told me one day that he was considering cutting it and I was like no you better not. And he told me well if you don't cut your hair is won't cut my beard. And ever since then neither one of us has messed with our hair, and we're quick to remind the other too. So if you can find something like that or go in on a challenge like that (resolution season is right around the corner.  This would be perfect.

Another great tip is keep the nape clean. Depending on how short your pixie cut is, it's usually some what tapered in the back. Keep that allowing your bangs to grow out. It makes your hair look more styled and less messy. Once your bang reach about jaw length you can start growing your nape back.

Embrace texture. Whether your kinky curly or wavy whatever your texture, or your prefered texture try it out. Textured hair can easily hide uneven hair cuts and styles, also it's easy too style if you're a wash and go type girl. This is the part that I'm excted for! When it gets all shaggy and I can just kick and flip the bangs back. i'm ready!

Worst case scenerio? Get a wig, a sew in, or a hat. Run away to the saety and comfort of accessories. Let them embrace you with the safety net of coverage. Proctected hairstyles and hats are a great way to style your hair with out actually doing it, as well as your hair will seem to have grown like weeds.

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