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It's only 'cause I need some affection, So I creep..

You know something funny when it comes to men? They are always so focused on living their precious little lives that they're blissfully unaware of what's happening right..underneath their noses. The worst part is that they don't care? Or do they?

I'm not happy, currently in my relationship. I'm not, quite honestly I've grown so bored and tired of the mundane. I thought with this guy, Corey, was going to be an interesting fellow, and he was. We used to go out on dates, to new restaurants, and venues. I used to think that, I was so excited with the possibilities of what this could possibly turn in to. Yet, my expectations must have been to high or it was a lovely facade that he presented me, because the lights came on at the end of the night and I am not liking what I am seeing. I've had my share of assholes, I know how to deal with them but usually they have their benefits.

Mostly sex, and they're fun to be around, like they're playful, we get in to weird situations together or we go out and we find something to get in to. The only downfall is they're bluntly honest, and they're cold hearted, but they all have that nugget center that you can usually dig out. But this one my god I feel like an unhappy housewife that just sits around waiting for something to happen. And sweety when I tell you the pool boy is looking mighty fine over there, he might as well be Lenny Kravtiz cooking on a grill with that I'm going to wreck your world smirk. 

But this guy is vanilla, to the max, and I like a rude boy. My senses aren't being stimulated and I'm not being...satisfied. I'm ready to leave to be quite honest, but I think I'm going to wait till cuddle season is up,  or something. My thing is I don't like being alone and that's my issue. I don't like not having someone there, so I guess I'll deal until something else comes up. I've never been like this before, but as I got older I've changed. I guess I crave a relationship or I was in one so long that it's weird not to be in one. I guess what I need is to be alone reevaluate somethings then get back ton the game. Sometimes you need a little rehab, guess it's time to check myself back in. Because I might end up doing something I regret....

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