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Remember No Always Means Yes

Today I was struggling to find something to write about. That is until I saw this post from @BBCthree sating has feminism gone to far? It was for an upcoming show called "Extreme UK" hosted by Reggie Yates where he gos an interviews extremists. In this episode (airing tonight @ 9) he deals with the mega meninist Roosh V. A man whom has an entire blog dedicated to being a meninist. In the clip he describe one of his articles "How To Stop Rape" where he basically blames rape on being the fault of the female. Saying if I may quote " If women protected themselves like they did their smart phones there couldn't be any rape." Right. That'll work we should walk around in helmets and panties with steal locks on them so drunk guys won't knock us out in the parking lot and their their way with us. Or maybe we shouldn't go to bars or any social outings in order to protect ourselves from the rape date drugs men put in our drinks. Instead of saying "Hey men don't use roofies or knock us out." It's something that seems so simple to say and to do but why aren't guys doing it? What's in their tiny brains that says no means yes. So I went to a man for the answer, and what he told me honestly opened my mind a little.

It's not so much that men don't understand the concept of no, it's that what they see on TV and media shows them that a no can turn in to a yes if he's persistent. I should have slapped him right then and there but I left my mind open and let him finish to what he said. We're taught that on TV if you keep asking, sweet talk her a little, maybe kiss her neck then she may turn around. Which reminds me of a joke I heard on Family Guy about James Bond. He had just finished killing some guy and he grabbed his Bond Girl and asked her to kiss him. She said no the first few times then eventually said hes. The punchline "Remember guys 50 no's and a yes is still a yes." It maybe just a joke but it promotes this rape culture that we live in. And that's just about on every basic cable channel that we watch. Also 50 shades of grey the whole bondage thing her being shy and not wanting it at first shows them that if you just show her how it can be then maybe she'll turn around and say yes.

It's wrong it's disgusting, but, we fall for it every time, but if you laugh or you say I love the book and I want a mister Grey, well you're condoning that lifestyle. And shall I remind everyone of a classic Christmas song 'Baby It's Cold Outside'? How many times did she say no, and he kept begging and pleading til she said yes? Helllooooooo? So it's not necessarily about us protecting ourselves as in our person but it's about protecting what they show on the media and saying "this isn't right". Don't give an ok because its funny, sexy, or classic. These all lead back to the idea be persistent and maybe she'll become yours.

Now already know what you're thinking. Roofies, Gun point, knocking a girl out and having sex with her those are crimes. Duh, there's no way those aren't wrong. But those are guys with that criminal mindset, and unfortunately no matter how many times they're taught they have become this ugly monster. No amount of covering up or walking in groups can fix this. These, well all rapists, need to be punished no matter if they thought it would change our mind if they tried this and that and it got out of control or they fully intended on raping this girl. They need to be taught that this is wrong. But the real question is how do we stop this? I mean really stop this.

I'm so over the conversations, there needs to be some actual actions taken. We need to get this mess off the Air and really stop saying well just this once and it's just a joke to everything, because that's what got us here in the first place. Just like kids and violent video games take away the game and teach them another way to have fun, another way to get the girl to get laid, like a funny coffee date

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