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Tell Me, Is It Worth It? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions & Know

Before I venture in to a new relationship I ask myself 3 simple questions, Does he make me happy? How long can I see myself with him? And can I bring him around family?  Those are the deciding questions on if I can actually be with someone or if they will turn out to be just a fling? Usually the first one is always the deal breaker because if something went wrong on the first date and I wasn't happy the entire date then no. If you can't keep me happy or a few hours then you're probably not going to keep me happy for longer than a few weeks?

Secondly, how long can Isee myself with you? OK so you've made me happy now, lets talk about your habits? Are you messy?How messy? Like funky gym shoes messy ?or your these are the same dishes from last week in your sink, messy? Are you relaxed and chilled or are you unemployed and unambitious? These are the things I think about on our 2nd date. I'll ask general questions about work, and your lifestyle. Theyre always little red flags hiding. For example, he's always on different business ventures, or working, never vommits until last minute? He has no idea what's he's doing, or where he's going. He just keeps busy and you may (more often than not ) end up with the short stick. Which usually brings me down to the last question..

Can I bring you around my family/friends? Now this doesn't mean that they have to like you, but are they going to be able to tolerate you? Will I get the "Why him?" Question or the where did you two meet? Because only one of those means they're acceptable. Where did you meet? Means they want to know about your relationship and they're sizing him up. Why him? Means there's something possibly off with him.

If you've passed all these questions in my head then you get to be introduced to my 3 month rule. If I'm not completely obsessed/ or planning a future with you in 3 months you're out, even if my momma loves you. If in three months I'm over it, and over you then we're not going to last any longer. I say three months because that's enough time for me too see your true colors pre-sex and post-sex. For example, if I have a bad day, am I calling you or am I just turning my phone off?

If I'm not on the hone with you after a bad day then, that answers your question right there. in y book if you're complaining after only 3 months you guys should just call it quits. I know some women would argue it's only been three months,give it more time. But would you waste three months off your life with something that wasn't constraclly binding?  Like you bought a cute shirt that didn't exactly fit, are you going to wear it for three months? Or if you bought a TV that didn't work. You wouldn't keep trying to get it to work. You'd return it in a heart beat and probably say a few nasty things to the customer service rep if they said " Well give it a few more days it'll come on." No. You wouldn't. Cut your loses and move on. Life's too short for a broken TV, so don't.

I ask these questions and do my three month trial because it works! It weeds out the losers and the one's who can be toxic without really being harsh. Hey if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.  Atleast you know after 3 months than waiting a year.

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