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Styling Tips From The Boys

Every now and again you come to the point with your fashion and style when you're just bored. You've grown tired of your same old looks and you want to try something new. Most people will just go shopping, and usually end up either leaving with nothing or, something that is very similar to what they already have in their closet. But why? There's no point of getting anything new if you're just going to do the same old thing. That's like breaking up with a guy just to hook up with another guy just like him. What's that old saying? "When you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, that's the definition of insanity." So stop being crazy and try some new looks with your clothes.  Try some new things and yes I have a few suggestions..

  • Who said that button downs were only for crew necks? Wear it with your hoodie for an unexpected twist on a classic look. You can pair them with some loose fitting pants, its so different from what you're probably used to so it'd be good to get out your comfort zone a little.

  • Something great for winter is layering, but why keep it with sweaters and cami's? Why not layer jackets?Like a leather jacket and a leather vest or a denim vest? Get your biker chick look on and put some real edge in your look. 


  • Jumpsuits usually get a bad rap, but they are very comfortable and a great way to change up your look, easily. You can also wear it with a belt or layer it with a jacket. If you're not quiet ready for a jump suit try maybe a full monochromatic look with an unexpected twist like all gray with a yellow jacket something that says I'm here.

  • Try playing with proportions, if you like a nice clean silhouette on a outfit, try something not so "put together look" For example Try a crop top boxy crop top with high waisted, wide legged pants, with a waist length jacket and a pair of sneakers. See different and I totally pumped to wear this outfit. 


  • Play with color, I know black is every one's stamen color but in the word's of Iris, fashion's eccentric Grandma "it's not fashion it's a uniform." So stop being sheeple an get out of the box and play with color. Try a baby blue crewneck and pair it with a thin yellow belt with patterned pants. Why because Why not get a little crazy.

  • Another way to get out of the rut a great way is to play with textures, they add visual interest in the look like leather pants cotton shirt and a sherling jacket, sounds interesting and a little more edgy .  

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