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Create The Perfect Wardrobe

Early last year I decided to purge my wardrobe . I got rid of everything I didn't love or just didn't care for anymore. My wardrobe went from a closet stuffed with clothes to hardly any. I was doing the 333 challenge, of course I modified it when it came to like underwear, shoes and jewelry but as for as actual apparel. I only had 3 or each item. 

Believe it or not I actually loved it . I wasn't in a panic about what I was going to wear because I already knew what I had I also knew what I would work at what wouldn't. It also helped me home in on my style . It taught me that all because the dress is cute and on sale it doesn't mean you should get it, chances are you'll not going to wear it. Like when I saw this gorgeous beaded skirt in hm that I just loved it even had the feathers on the bottom but when I really thought about what am I going to wear this with (since I know what's in my wardrobe) I knew I had nothing and put it back. That's the number one reason why I recommend trying the minimalistic wardrobe.


  • Saves you tons of money because you're not shopping constantly and buying things you don't need because one day you might wear them.

  • Saves time because you're not constantly staring at a  closet full of clothes wondering what to wear. you also know your wardrobe so you can essentially pick your outfit out by memory because hello you know your wardrobe have your outfits picked out.

  • If done correctly you'll always look like a million bucks

  • Less laundry, so no more hours of laundry to do because less clothes

So are you ready to live with less? Honestly it's not that hard. The hardest part honestly would be actually parting with the clothes other than that it's not that difficult. Here's what you do..

1.  Get your favorite pair of pants that fit well and look amazing no more than about 4 pairs. at least 1 pair of trousers, 1 slacks, 2 pair of jeans. And make 3 outfits with each complete with jackets, and tops along with jewelry.

2.   Set aside 4 dresses, one for night, day, casual, and dressy

3.   Jackets, should have winter, leather jacket, casual jacket and of course a blazer.

4.   and 3 leggings 1 workout to for whatever ;-)

I aways say leave the jewelry, shoes and bags alone. Those always depend on the mood of the wearer and how you want to rock the outfit. That goes for hats as well. Just make sure whatever you save is the best of what you have. The best looking,the best fitting, a great cut, everything! Thats how you look like a million bucks all the time, all about quality not quantity. 

Everything else you place in piles, the still wearable things you can salvage sell! Anything that's decent enough and isn't gross donate, and all the things that are gross or turned, have holes in them well I would throw away. But it's up to you. Enjoy the purge ladies it's well worth it.

The best part about this is once you hone in on your style you get to shop all over again, this time you have a little more guidance!  

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