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The Holy Grail Of Skincare

I've had trouble skin for as long as I can imagine. I remember when I got my first pimple, it was right before middle school during the winter . I used to go outside in the freezing cold, let my face "freeze" then move now nose so I could feel the muscles move. This day in particular was different. I went outside like I usually would do and came in side to move my face. However when I went to move my jaw I felt *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* on my cheek. I rushed to the bathroom to see what happened and to my dismay I found 5 pimples all in a cluster on my face. I rushed to the bathroom and douse my face in skincare . And ever since then I've been all about skin care. My main issues with skin care are dark spots and acne . As I got older my acne subsided but my dark spots always remain. I do occasionally get very stubborn acne coupled by an unusual amount of dark spots . Sometimes the dark spots come and I didn't even have a pimple.

After years of suffering, I have found a holy grail of skincare . My go to products for dark spots and acne. If I use these products daily or atleast weekly I don't break out, even around my period. But when I don't , it's awful.

I do want to note after years of doing skincare I have gotten pretty thick skin . Like I can do a chemical peel and  manually exfoliate in the same day and it wouldn't fry my skin. My skin is used to hard aggressive chemicals. So if you're going to try this don't go as hard as me. Baby step glowworms, baby steps.....  On with the show!

My first lovely product is my beloved Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Masque. It's a beautiful clay mask that's like a vacuum for your skin. Sulfur is like a suction cup it sucks out all the impurities in the skin. Example. You know when you get a pimple and it's not a Whitehead yet? This will mask will do two things. Either turn it white if it's a deep pimple or clear it up. What I would do is put this mask on at night for 3 days and my break out was gone by day four, as for a regular pimple it clears it  Up in two days.

My next baby is Murad's Rapid age spot and Pigment Lightening serum. This, be warned has 2% Hydroquinone  in it and yes it is a skin bleach. But chill dark skin beauties before you go all "Dark skin is beautiful" on me this skin bleach is not strong enough to take out any real color or your skin it'll only even it out. I'm sure some peple will abuse it but again it's not that strong to really do any real color change.

Another skin lightening product I use (I have an obsession with getting perfectly clear skin) is Ambi fade cream, tis also has hydroquinone in it as well, it also has a sunscreen that is essential when using bleaching products of any kind because your skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight when you're bleaching and needs protection.

My clarisonic of course helps me get m skin nice a nice deep clean even on my roughest nights. I like to use the radiance brush head because it gently exfoliates while it cleans.

Sometimes though not often I use Korres Vitamin c and rose sleeping mask. Its a nice light weight mask that packs alot of vitamin C in it that helps, lighten, brighten, and tighten your skin. On nights I don't feel like putting on a lot of moisturizers  and serums I like to put this on because it's like having all 3 in one.

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