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At The End Of Rodeo dr....

Why is it when you really think you've truly found someone you mesh with well. It ends up being something so cold . Like you let your emotions get the better of you and you just , let go.

The other day I broke up with my boyfriend,right ? Big shocker, not after the articles I wrote . But you'd think I'd be happy in the arms of my new lover while he ravished me in our hotels elevator. That's what I thought ,Well I was wrong. I was excited but the more he gripped and played the more I thought , why? What's the point? Am I planning on running in to his arms at sunset , no .

 Was it worth breaking up something that could have been loved. Yes, that eggplant was good enough for me to leave, and me and my ex weren't in love, and I didn't see that changing anytime soon . But, if I'm content with my decisions why do I have the feeling that I made a huge mistake? Is it because once my lover leaves town my weekends will be free again or was it the fact that I may have just led lover boy on a wild goose chase? Who knows? Maybe I'm over thinking it, or I'm just realizing I'm  looking for something that the world can't give me .I might be destined to run free not to be tamed by anyone. 

At the end of the day I feel as if my latest snafu just might have me kicking myself harder than ever..... the perfect way to begin the new year  (Happy 2016 EVERYBODY!!)

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