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Channel Your Inner Minimalist With These Make Up Essentials

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Easy, Effortless, and Chic. Those are the 3 words that come to mind when I think of the minimalist lifestyle. It's supposed to make your everyday tasks simple, and easy so you can get back to your not so everyday things, and look chic while doing so.

That mindset can be difficult to maintain especially when it comes to something you really enjoy, like makeup. It's human nature to want an abundance of things that we find pleasurable. As they say "if you like it buy one in every color!" But that's not always the most practical (not to mention cost efficient) way to view things. Of course buy the dress if you love it, but don't buy 3 of the same dress in various colors because they're on sale, you don't need that many!

Instead, by the one you like and learn how to wear it in such away that it can fit your every mood. Much like makeup, it's OK to have two lip colors that favor each other, like 2 nudes, but if you can work out your favorite shade of nude and mix it in with a one of your darker shades of lipsticks then you've just created a new shade without having to go out and buy it.

If you can break down your makeup collection into; what you need and what you want, you'll save a lot in between time deciding if you need this, or not, and save tons of money. Being a make up girl myself I know how tough that can be. I used to have a lovely job at Sephora where every month we got to try and take home products for free, and for keeps! Needless to say I have A LOT of make up, but I never really used it all.

 Once I tried a product, 9/10 I never went really back for it again usually because I already had something like it. After a while I forgot all about the products, even more so once I stopped working there and didn't have to wear a full face of make up every day. The amount of time I spent organizing and reorganizing my make up went from being fun, to tedious. Having to wake up at least an hour or so before I left just to do my make up seemed extreme, especially since I wasn't being judged for it.

After a few months I ended up giving most of it away, although I still kept a few of my favorites. And even now and again I'll go into Sephora and check out what the latest make up trend is or product is out and I'll grab either a sample or the product, but I won't go crazy ( like buying something because the packaging is pretty I know I'm not alone here!) I only grab stuff that I know I need, or want, and I don't already own. Ocassionally I'll grab some trendy stuff but for the most part, I know I probably will only where it once, so I'll just grab a sample and be on my way.

 So if I can learn to live with less you definitely can and still keep your guilty pleasure. Just remember, there's only a few products that every girl really needs in her make up arsenal:

  • Foundation

  • Concealer

  • Lip Product

  • Blush 

  • Eyebrow powder

and ...

  • Eyeliner/ Mascara 

Yep that's it! As long as the skin is looking nice and rosy, your lips aren't chapped and your eyebrows and eyes are done, you're good. Now you can always add to the list; like false lashes which I'm never getting rid of, bronzing powder, eye shadows, Whatever you feel like you NEED! Just make sure it's essential, and don't think you have to get rid of it all at once. Store the extra products in a shoe box so if you need it, it's there. And if it's been over a month (4 weeks) and you still haven't used it you don't need it.

Good luck lads and lasses it's not an easy task but it well worth that extra 30 minutes I get in bed or of lounge time I get before I have to get ready. Till next time....

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