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It's All About The Details @ Gucci Men's Runway Show

image: Fashionista
Style isn't formed in one grand photo, instead it's made up of individual photos that make up on larger photo. Anyone can put together put on a little black dress but it takes so much more to bring that black dress to life and create an actual look out of it. When you add some jewelry, and a few other embellishments it takes an outfit from mundane to amazing.

Just like what happened at the Gucci Fall 2016 Runway show held in Milan this past Monday. Alessandro Michele's classic vintage ornate scholar look conquered the runway, as par usual, but what made this look different than the rest was the small (and not so small) use of fabrics, cuts and embellishments really took it to a whole new level! Embroidered satin bomber jackets, New moccasin fabrics, and head wear with unique flourishes kept the mind and the eyes entertained as the designs cascaded down the runway.

The show brought out the best in Gucci aesthetics and showcased the brand's versatility, by showing the brand's western/bohemian vibes with boxy coats dripping in beautiful embroidery and interesting yoke shirts.

image: Fashionista
The bags, however stayed true to their usual looks like a simple black dress forever classic and timeless were given a subtle upgrade with embellishments such as a bee/wasp patch and a clutch featuring a sequined butterfly which is what made this collection so beautiful. It mixed a little bit of the old with the new and created something completely different a collection fit for a fashion rebel.

So if you have been wondering how to update or make your look more unique, take a lesson from Gucci, or even  a tip from the boys and focus on the details. Remember a butterfly is only as beautiful as it's wings details. A white butterfly makes you simple but a colorful one makes you stare. 

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