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The No Men Pledge

If there is one thing certain in my life , I know I love men . Their musk their aroma guys,especially hot ones, are my weakness and my biggest distraction. Every time I get motivated to do something I'm always pumped to go, then I wonder who can I bring with me because I don't want to go alone. And when all my friends are at work, or with their boyfriend I'm left to myself  soo I go get a boy toy.

 But see that's what I do, I get lonely and I go find a mate . I hate that, I never used to be like that when I was younger. Granted I had a lot more friends when I was 14, but the point is still the same I didn't need anybody.I could go to a party alone or if i couldn't go out I don't entertained myself. Now it's also an endless loop , I'm constantly worrying about having someone with me when I go somewhere, or wondering if I will know someone wherever I go. If I keep this up I might never get anything done .

 So 2016, I'm doing something I've never once thought to do before. I'm swearing off men, that's right no guys. No boyfriends, no talking, no dates, just me myself and I . Now I will have sex (a girl has needs doesn't she) but it will only be with the two guys from that I know from last year and we're fuck buddies so we're good. And one of them I  doubt I'll see because he's boring, and the other doesn't even live here so we'll see. I'm really pumped to get 2016 started, and I want zero distractions from relationships and drama . Wish me luck guys!

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