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Ladies, ladies, ladies, my how the tides have turned in 2016. It's seems as if we as women have grown tired of the fuck boys of the past and we are standing up to them with #waste his time3016.

It's essentially this , have you ever been talking this guy for a month or so and he just keeps playing games ? Saying like you're not official, you're not really his girl forgetting your birthday treating you like a side piece like an option ?  Yeah we've all been there and all kicked ourselves for wasting our time with a guy that isn't worth it. So waste his time 2016 was born.

When I first saw this I thought it was petty , so petty . But I thought about it . Why do guys get to stress us out? And be on all types of were not serious I'm not looking or get to drag us along and we just accept it? Why can't we waste their time ? Give them a taste of their own medicine? This fits perfectly in my plan for no men 2016 . I get my cake and eat it too . And it's delicious!  I just wonder will the joke ultimately be on us?

Just think about it. Yes I understand that there are guys out there wasting our time, but what if you wasted the wrong guys time? I mean every guy has a girl that got away. Should we play the game or continued getting played?  Will you be participating in #wastehistime2016 or nah

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