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How To NOT Look Hungover In 10 Minutes

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At some point in your life you'll wake up from an alcoholic fueled coma with lipstick smeared, and disgusting pores. As you rise you'll vow to never let yourself drink again stumbling into the john. You gaze in the mirror and weep for your skin, now suffocated by last night's perfect contour. We're only human, stuff happens. You remove the make up only to discover your complexion is now; dull,puffy, and lifeless. It needs a little tender loving care that you just don't have time for right now because you have to be at work in a little while. Now before you just exfoliate your skin til its red enough to put Rudolf's nose to shame. Consider doing a 10 minute pick me up instead. Not only will you appear to have a full night's rest, you'll have your friends wondering how you can look so perky after a night of debauchery.

So first step is to warm up the face, and get that glow back. So wash your face preferably with a brush, if not then wash with cleanser, followed by a gentle scrub. This will help bring the blood flow back up to the skin which will help bring the rose back in the cheeks and breathe life into it.

Now that you're clean, get your best detoxification mask to get all junk out. A detox mask helps you get that clean tingly feeling, it also helps with any puffiness or irritation. You're probably wondering why bother with a mask after you exfoliated? Exfoliation deals mainly with the surface, and removes all dead skin cells as well as any residue left on the skin. Masks, however, dives deep into the pores and skin barrier to get to whats causing the irritants and soothes the skin while treating.

When you're moisturizing I suggest you prep your skin with rose water to balance and set the skin. Massage gently all over face and follow with a light moisturizer. Apply makeup as usual.

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