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Last Night A Sheet Mask Saved My Life

The worst part of living a party go - go life style is the after effects. While the pictures show my skin looking flawless the truth is, it's all make up. Every ounce of it , plus a little bit of filters mixed in with photoshop and perfect lighting it's amazing however once the make up is removed along with any enhancements, dare I say my skin looks a bit dull.  Lets be honest make up only does so much. While it can cover up any imperfections it's only as good as it's foundation. Meaning if your skin looks awful don't expect you make up to go on perfectly. A few days ago I was here, the nights of endless parties followed by long days at the office began to show it's self. Once lowing skin began to look dull and lifeless, my eyes were always a yellow reddish tint, and my once supple skin began to become dry and cracked, it was awful.

I remember once hearing of this Koren face ritual were they did asking care mask, everyday. "Impossible" I thought, " Just like us Koren women lead rich and busy lives they have no time for that type of deep skincare... do they?" Well I was right they are busy but they do their skincare differently then us. While we slather on a mask and wait up to 10 minutes for it to dry they get sheet masks and leave it on for about 2-3 minutes! Lovely, right!

Sheet mask are cotton sheets masks that are drenched in serum and skin helping nutrients to help revive your skin. Now these aren't going to give you the same deep cleansing feeling as a traditional masks. Mainly because they shit on top of the skin and your skin doesn't get penetrated, however its still good for a pick me up.

I hadn't had a good over all treatment mask, the only one I have been using recently is Peter Thomas Roth's Sulfur Mask.  I love it but it's extremely drying and not what I needed. I went to ulta and stocked up on some of there sheet masks, aside from them being good grab and go treatment for your skin they're also dirt cheap, only 2 dollars!  I got 2 sheet masks from Montagne Jennesse and a third from Karuna which was 8 dollars.

In order to use them I, of course washed my face well, then applied the mask by Montagne Jennesse waited for the recommended 5 minutes then instead of rinse I rubbed the mixture in with my hands and applied my nightly moisturizer. I repeated the same steps for the next 3 days. By day 3 my skin was in totally reformed! My dry patches were gone, my skin looked healthy and glowed and ( thanks to some much needed rest and eye treatments) my eyes were white again. They might just be on to something over in Korea, and I'm definitely added sheet masks to my beauty routine!

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