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How To Dye Your Eyebrows

When I was younger, I was trying to arch my eyebrows. Mind you when I say younger, I mean I was 6 years old in the tub and took a disposable razor and shaved my eyebrows off. Ever since then I had light eyebrows, and I've tried just about everything to get fuller eyebrows. I've once had my eyebrows dyed for prom in highschool and loved it!I thought that was the only way I could get them done, until I went on youtube and found out I could dye them at home for about 7 dollars cheaper and I could do on my own time ( scheduling was a night mare!). Now before I drop this knowledge bomb I want to give a few words of warning. 

When doing this please use a very light hand, and don't go over board with product. My eye brows came out looking awful my first time because I wanted super dark eyebrows and so I put on a lot of product to make them look dark, They did look dark but I also looked like I drew on my eyebrows with a Sharpe.

Secondly, Do a skin patch test. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend doing this at home because the dye I recommend using maybe to harsh, also if you do mess up you have to do some serious scrubbing to get the dye off. Best bet is to go to the salon.

And lastly, be realistic your eyes brows is they're light and sparse are not going to come out full lush and thick because you may or may not have that many hairs. You brows will be darker but you may still have to fill something in.
Ready to get started?

You'll need:

1.A clean mascara wand

2.Just For Men Bread And Moustache

3.And A toothpick


5*.optional petroleum jelly 


Clean eyebrows off make sure there isn't any make up or concealer on or around the eyebrows. If you have petroleum jelly apply it around the  eyebrow hair.

Empty the contents of the Just For Men. In the plastic tray place a dime size amount of both the developer and the dye size by side and mix with toothpick until well blended. 

With clean mascara wand LIGHTLY apply mixture evenly through out brows. You can go against the direction of hair growth to assure that you don't get the color on your skin. 

Once both eyebrows are coated leave dye on for about 5 minutes. 

After 5 minutes take a damp towel and wipe of access product, Use a small amount of facial cleanser to wash eyebrows off. Wipe and admire. 

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