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How To Keep Your Braids & Twists Looking Fresh

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Braids are a great way to protect your hair and it's also one of the hottest hairstyles to date right now. It's also really versatile style that anyone can wear. The only thing is once you wash the hair the braids don't look as amazing as they use to be.

I used to have braid way back when and I dreaded the washing phase, mainly because it always came out looking frizzy and no amount of product seemed to get it back to it's old luster. Luckily I've found a way too keep the braids looking nice, and frizz free, while also removing product build up. The best part is you most likely have these products in your home already!

First grab your spray bottle and spray a mild astringent between the braids, remove any product build up with a cotton ball or a Q-tip.

When it's time to shampoo, usually after a two week span of having the braids, let the water run over your head for a while. Then with a moisturizing shampoo gently pat (Don't massage) the shampoo into the braids thoroughly.

As far as conditioning goes I like to use Dark and Lovely Au Natural Moisture L.O.C. Super Quench Leave in Conditioner Spray and spray it on my roots and a little on my braids. I'd then follow up with a small amount of Dark And Lovely Au Natural Soak It Up Oil to my scalp.

If your braids are looking a little dull your can use a shiner like Pink's Shine Serum or wax to and a moisturized look and feel to the braids.

Lastly when it's time to dry your a micro fiber towel to gently soak up any remaining water.

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