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To Bra or Not To Bra...It Doesn't Matter


This is an on going topic in the feminist community, everybody and their feminist mother's are going bra less apparently to stop the brain washing tactics in forced upon us by men. Now if that's something that you chose to do, fine, but don't criticize me for not wanting to go bra less. I honestly don't see any point in it. Frankly to me it's as pointless as the free the nipple campaign when you're not a mother and really don't have any point in having your breast out other than just to have it out. And spare me the "men get to do it!" Argument you don't see men in  Harris Teeter buying produce topless. Hell I've seen restaurants and stores alike with the classic "No Shirt, No Shoes, No service" signs up. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about us as women down playing other women who isn't with the feminist cause of the moment. Which right now is about being bra less.

Now, I understand if you're like a C cup or below or even a small D why you would. It doesn't really have any negative effects on your body, you look the same with a bra on as you do when you don't. But if you're in the larger sizes and choose to wear a bra you should not be criticized for it. Feminism, at the end of the day is about choice. Period. I can choose to wear a bra or I could choose not to, it doesn't mean that I'm any less of a feminist. I just prefer to wear one. It helps support my girls and I like my figure 10x better with it on. I have tried to go bra less a few summers ago and it had to be one of the most uncomfortable things in the world! I will never forget the embarrassing boob sweat and the awkward stares. I remember one time getting out of the car and walking up to my then boyfriend's house one day when I didn't wear a bra and him actually making a comment. It wasn't rude he just asked " You aren't wearing a bra are you?" I hadn't even made it up to the door yet. My 34 Double Dee Debbies were out in full spring and I didn't too much care for it to be that obvious. 

Another time was when I was in high school I was still pretty large, 34 D, but I had still had my 36 C bras. I didn't know the importance of having the right size bra and I experienced a lot of back pain whether I was sitting or standing. Even when I wasn 't wearing a bra I felt the weight of my large breast on my small frame in the base of my breast as well as my lower back. After a few trips to the doctor she reccommend I do some core workouts to help support of the weight as well as go get fitted for a bra. That day I went to Lane Bryant and got the best possible bra I could ever get. With thick beautiful straps, a sweetheart neckline and a thick band underneath for support without the underwire. I got stares because it was a plus size store and I'm (well was) a size 6 on a bad day but I didn't care. I bought me a good bra that supported every inch and curve of me and I still have one of them to this day. 

Through these experiences I've learned that the no bra thing is for girls with smaller breast, or atleast not for me. Which is why I'm shocked so many larger breasted women opt out of wearing a bra even though it does cause sometime serve back pain. It's just not worth the possible premate damage on my back for the sake of going bra less. It just ends up hurting you in the long run. Regardless that is their choice not mine, see what I did there? I said it's their choice if they so choose to not wear the bra and "build up their breast muscles to get perky breast" which is impossible depending on your size because of the skin weakens and looses elasticity as you age and a little thing know as gravity gradually pushes them down. Regardless of where you stand eventually they all end up getting a little closer down to the ground the older we get. So if you want go bra less Good for you! Just don't criticize me for not wanting to join in. It doesn't make me any less of a feminist if I don't want to, it makes me a woman using my right to choose and do whatever I choose to. What's more feminist than that? 

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