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When Can I See You Again ....

I used to never understood how people got Catfished, like how could you date someone without ever seeing them or video chatting? Oh how young and naive I was back then. As all youths do I never thought that it would happen me, or rather realize that it was happening...

I was about 16 or 17 years old, never had a boyfriend that lived closed to me, and never had a hot guy pay attention to me. Devon was both. He was tall, handsome with luscious lips that made you want to bite them off his perfectly chiseled face. He also like me with my dramatic awkwardness. We would stay up all night and talk and laugh, after a while we built bond that made me feel as if this was the real thing. He was perfect, but as the old saying goes if it's to good to be true it probably is.

Although, from what he told me he loved me, never made any real effort to see me. He didn't live to far either, probably 20- or 30 minutes from me. I remember begging to see him, a simple glance or a hand wave would be all I needed to be satisfied. Still he denied me with multiple excuses. My friends already had their suspicions about him saying things like; his voice didn't match what he looked like, as well as it didn't make sense if he really wanted to see you he would have made the effort to see you. At one point we even found out that we had gone to the same highschool but he had graduated a year before me. But I never saw anyone that looked like him in the school.

Eventually, I had grown tired of waiting besides I had moved 6 hours away there was no way I was going to meet him now. So I broke up with him but of course we kept in contact staying friends and of  course lovers.We would talk about getting back together but I refused to discuss the idea unless it involved me meeting him in the flesh.

When he revealed his self to me it was a day I'd never forget...

I was in my college dorm room on the phone with him talking about getting back together and again I won't talk about it til we met up in real life.  He then asked me a question that sent a chill down my spine and made my hands sweat.

"What if you met someone online that you really cared about but the weren't what they seemed?"

"Uhh ---- I'd be highly upset...Why?" I responded. Trying not to seem like I was catching on. Hell I wanted to give him a chance to explain himself, or maybe I just wanted to keep faith alive.

"No reason," He said with a crack in his voice. " I had just saw a documentary about two cousins doing some sort of experiment about who could get more girls, light skin or dark skin guys. But one of the cousins had actually fell in love with the girl and they had been talking for a while. They never met but fell in love but the girl really wanted to meet but the boy was to nervous. Eventually he had revealed himself to her and she had gotten upset with him. But he didn't lie about anything else, it was just how he looked. How would you feel?"

I hesitated. I was shocked, yet I found this whole situation a little comical. Why you may ask? 'Cause in no way could this be my real life. Everything that I thought was odd was making sense; the "broken" webcam, delaying us meeting, even that time I looked him up on Facebook and there in my face he was the real him. I didn't want to believe it, that's all it really was. I don't remember ever being really upset, mostly just shocked and disappointed. My response to him was only " I would feel hurt and betrayed,  that they felt they had to lie to me."

He quickly got off the phone saying that his mom had called him. I was alone with my thoughts so I called my best friend and simply said "It's happening" then began spilling my own tea. She promptly died laughing only saying she couldn't wait to see what he looked like.

Meanwhile, Devin began texting me basically confessing how much he loved me, and how he didn't want to hurt me. I told him just to come clean and tell me what he had been hiding from me. He then revealed a photo of himself to me of the same man I had denied that I had saw on Facebook so many years ago. I was shocked and floored, it was a complete 360 of what he had shown me.  I was speechless, how could I be so stupid? I know how, I was young and in love.

After that I didn't talk to him for a few days, I didn't want to. I did call him one day and we had a discussion about everything that happened. Shortly after we met at the Panda Express by my old house, for lunch he was a very sweet young man. I even met his family and friends. But we never got back together, we simply remained friends. He ended up getting together with his Best friend and as far as I know they're still together. I hardly hear from him now,but that's what Facebook is for


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