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Think Like A Man... & Date Like One Too

I've only had on relationship where I was totally faithful, like didn't cheat or anything, and it lasted for 3 hard years. This is good seeing that it was my only "real" relationship the others where all long distance/online deals, and I never really met the person in real life. So doubt that it actually counts as a relationship, I'm assuming they don't. So let's just say they were hopeful prospects, but they never really made the cut. 

It's in my nature when I'm not really tied down to anyone - not given the official girlfriend stamp or have ever met my boyfriend in person- I mingle around. I don't like to put my eggs all in one basket hoping they hatch. If it doesn't look ready then it's probably not, why wait on something when you're no spring chicken yourself? I'm not looking for a relationship, honestly, I just want a fuck buddy. Yet, some how I always end up clicking with someone and we end up being the exact opposite.

Take for example this guy I'm talking to named Will, I met him through tinder and ever since we met I haven't been able to shake him. Even on the first date we were laughing and talking all through the movie like we've known each other for years. Now it's about a week or two in and almost every night I've been over his house, sleeping over like we're in a year long relationship. Its crazy. But then there's this other guy name Aaron, who's very friendly and we've been having a thing for a while too. The thing with Aaron though, he knows what it is. He's just around when I want to get a little lucky, or just want to lay around. We go out to drink and we're cool. Strictly friends with benefits. The crazy thing is that I have that itch to sleep around with Aaron but I want to keep Will around too. I know you're rolling your eyes so far in the back of your head you've just caught a glimpse of your brain, but keep in mind what I'm looking for. It's not about love, it's about sex. Also I haven't seen Aaron since I've started messing with Will. Maybe I should just stop to see where this thing with Will is going. I have a feeling that it'll just be a winter thing like we mesh but I'm not sure I'll be interested that long. That and he's only here during the school year. He's from Jersey and goes back up there in the summer and on break I believe, so I wouldn't be losing much...right? Cause what happens when he leaves? I'm here lonely & horny soo I'll just keep Aaron in my back pocket...for now.

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