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#BeautyBar : MAC's New Lipstick Is LifeProof

Don't you hate it when you get your lipstick just right, then you realize you're hungry? Or thirsty? And you just know you're about to ruin your makeup? 
Well ladies, fear no more.
MAC has heard our cries and has released a new set of matte liquid lipsticks as a part of their New Retro-Matte Collection. The lip stick comes in a liquid form much like a gloss, but it dries like a matte. But before you go thinking that this is just another liquid matte lipstick, these lipstick don't dry flat they have a subtle sheen to keep lips looking hydrated.
The applicator is shaped like a tear drop, pointed part to outline your lips and a wide part to fill them in. They come in 13 various shades from 'Feel so Grand' a classic red to a vibrant violet named 'Recollection'.


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