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Thoughts : Dior Nude Air Foundation {Review}

Hey guys I'm I'm here again to do another review for you guys. As you guys know I've been on the hunt for the perfect foundation for my skin type, which is turning more dry than combo/oily, I also have really bad dark spots. So I need something more of a full coverage.I wanted something dewy so it looks like I glow as bright as the African sun. Which is nothing like the L'Oreal infallible matte pro foundation I had reviewed earlier. I wasn't to fond of because it left me dry and patchy if you want to read the full review go ahead and click the link. 

Anyway, onto my new products. So the other day I was in Sephora and I was going to go back to my old lover Nars sheer glow foundation. However, I remember my friend had been telling me about the dior and how much he had loved it. So I was looking over the selection and tried a bit on my hand, it gave me really good coverage, it was a pretty good match too I'm more of a yellow neutral and I have a little bit of red in me and so I'm a little hard to match but I have really strong yellow undertones so sometimes the foundation just doesn't go or it looks too bright but this one I tried it on my hand (I know you're not really supposed to match that way but I was in a hurry) I didn't have really time so I had checked out the nines and I checked out the door and so I was still kind of on the fence, so I asked an associate, I told her my situation and she said I would definitely try dior based on the look I was going for an my skin type. 

So now I have 2 votes for dior, I'm gotta try it! I ended up going with the color that I tried on my hand. And of course that was way too excited to try it as soon as I got home, I had taken off one cheek and I put it on, when I tell you that it blended in like butter on hot toast, I'm talking no streaks, no line of demarcation.  I did have to blend it down my neck a little bit, just because my neck is darker than my face, so there's always that line of demarcation, but even when I didn't even have to really bring it all the way down on before it really started to blend in. I really just had to take it a little bit past my jawbone.

 But I loved it, I checked it in two different lights settings and I was fine.The next day I put it on while running some errands so I didn't do a full face and I just kind of put the foundation on, a little bit of concealer under my eyes, mascara eyebrows, and some lipstick and I was done. I always like to double-check my foundation in sunlight because that will really tell you if it's going to work or if it's not, and when I got into my car and I looked in my rearview mirror it looked flawless. I wore it for the remainder of the day and then it but it kept its coverage.

Product Details:

DIOR Nude Air comes in a bottle and it has a dropper to you can drop the foundation on your tools. The consistency of the foundation is more like a medium, it does have a serum in there. It does spread how most designer foundations go on. They do recommend that you use your fingers and I would have to agree definitely. The first time I applied it I did apply it with a brush, and I did have to put on quite a few drops. But yesterday when I just did it with my hands and I just did it on my cheek I had a lot more product so with this one and it gave me a fuller coverage, so I would definitely recommend doing it with your fingers as opposed to just a brush, or if you're not down for the whole hand thing, a beauty blender would do fine. Overall, I would give this foundation about a 9 as far as a rating goes. Just because it match me perfectly even when I did it on my hand. Also it feels more like a tinted moisturizer, than a foundation. I am used to wearing a heavy face because I did work in the beauty industry. So what maybe light to me could be heavy for you if you dont wear makeup.And with it getting closer to the summer time this is definitely something that I hope to God last is a long time. But all in all if you are looking for a new foundation, definitely stop by a Sephora and at least get a sample try it out. I'm going to try to keep doing reviews like this just because when I know it's something that you guys like and two I've tried a lot of products, so if there's something that you want me to try I'll let me know. contact me either on Twitter or Facebook or by email I'll talk to you guys later bye

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