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Thoughts: L'OREAL Infallible Pro Matte Foundation {Review}

I've always been a pretty oilish girl. My oil usually stems from a warmer climate in the winter time my skin is pretty normal. The foundation I usually choose is Nars Sheer Glow, that's my baby. However I haven't been feeling very Sephora-ey lately and felt as if I needed to broaden my horizons. I saw this girl on instagram with flawless make up on, after scouring the comments sections and a little bit of insta stalking  I found out it Loreal infallible pro matte foundation. So I set out that night to  my old friend, CVS to find this "perfect" foundation, and yes they had one in my shade. Score!

I went home, product in hand, and started feeling a bit doubtful. Like, maybe it was just all a filter? Or photoshop? Will it really be that amazing? I sat in my beauty chair and tried a little of it on my hand first, it covered the lines pretty well, so I slathered the rest on my face. It went on just like I dreamed, besides the color being redder than what I'm used to it was a pretty good match.

I will have to admit me being a perfectionist I went back to the store to pick up a color slightly more yellow, I liked it better, it was a bit drying though. Now that I've been wearing the foundation for a few weeks I feel as if i can give a pretty review on the product.

First off, I will say this is a good foundation, it really is if you have the skin for it. After about a day or two I experienced some dry patches patches around my mouth along with some of the worst skin peeling I've ever had. Also it did eventually settle and make those fine lines around my lips appear deeper and my pores look huge. It just looked bad, no doubt to my skin underneath not handling the matte so well. Like stated before I've always been an oily girl, in warmer times, and my skin does dry out in the winter. But I've also worn matte foundation all year around and never had an issue like the one I havenow. But I'm willing to try it again in the summer. Another thing that I didn't care for was the stubbornness of the foundation, it's really hard to get off (Thank God for my Clarisonic!)but thats a personal thing, but the foundation is THICK!

At the end of the day, would I recommend the product? Yes and no. If you're darker skinned, and need a good full coverage foundation, and you're oily then this would be perfect. But if you're not, then defiantly stay away! They don't call it pro matte for nothing! 

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