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#TryMe Shaving With Coconut Oil

Oh coconut oil is there anything that you cant do?
You moisturize or skin and hair and you promote eyelash and brow growth.
Oh coconut oil we love you.
Recently I heard off something new you could shave with it. I'm not one for shaving, I usually use Nair on my legs and as you know I get a Brazilian wax. So shaving is not something I usually care for especially since it only lasts for a few days. However, I hadn't Naired in a month or so (hey I'm single no one's rubbing on me) and I was quite hairy. I had started wearing skirts because its getting warm out and when I felt the breeze through my leg hairs, I thought yeah its time to shave.

Like I said I recently heard of shaving with coconut oil can make your skin smooth as butter and shine like gold. So yes, I'm trying it.  First, I exfoliated with my  Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life body exfoliator on my legs. Then I grabbed a good amount of my coconut oil and slathered it on my legs. I put enough on to there's enough to feel as if there was a barrier between my skin and the razor. As I began shaving it was smooth enough, I did have a few dry patches but nothing to bad. My skin after was very smooth but of course that's due to the amount of oil you have on your skin. Will it replace my Nair or waxing? No, its only day 3 and my smooth legs are stubbly. I'm a lazy girl, I'm not trying to shave multiple times a week.  

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