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What to Expect When You Get A Brazilian Wax

The other day was my birthday and I thought I'd treat myself to a little spa day. In the spirit of trying new things I decided to get a Brazilian wax, now to be honest I was never to familiar with getting a wax outside of my eyebrows. Still,what the hell? Let's see what happens. Now if you're like me and you're curious about what it'll be like getting a wax in your very private area then read on.

So I get to the spa and the lady instructions me to get undressed from the waist down while she steps out. As I remove my underwear and prop up on the bed a wave of anxiety washes over me. No one other than myself, a doctor and a few sexual partners have been down there. Not to mention it's been a while since I shaved so it's a full blown Afro down there. After a few moments the women comes back in and asks if it's my first time getting a wax. I nodded yes. She goes on to explain what might be experienced and ofcourse the pain. "It's like getting a tattoo, the pain only lasts for a moment then it's over, some women take an ibuprofen, or a numbing cream but it's not that bad." She said with a shrug then let's me know at any point if I want to stop or take a break let her know. And with that we began.

She first cleansed the area with a cleansing wipe then added some baby powder to act as a barrier between the wax and then skin, as well as to absorb any moisture . Along the top area, or "hood" of my lady bits as well as the bikini line she used waxing strips.

 The pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was about a 7 it hurt but after about 3 strips it wasn't bad. Now we began to get into the more sensitive area down below. Here she didn't use strips, she used what's called a hard wax. Which is basically laying a thick layer of wax on the hair and ripping it off. It's better to remove hair,and can get better in to the folds of the skin and is less harmful to the skin because it mainly attaches to the hair. I will say this hurt the worst out of it all. The worst. But only because of the area.

When she went into the inner layer was when I really felt the strength of the wax. It felt like I had poured candle wax down there and let it dry but now it was stuck to my skin. I told her to wait till I was ready, I had to mentally prepare myself. On the count of 3 I said go and she ripped the wax off. Repeated again on the other side. Done. The last area was the little triangle right above the clitoris, rich with thick black hair. And was admittedly the worst part mostly because you just want it to be over.

She explained if you keep doing it eventually it'll start hurting less because there will be less hair down there. She also explain that there might be some little droplets of blood from where there was a thick amount of hair but it won't be bad. She then removed any wax residue and put aloe gel to help calm the area. I got up realizing now I was covered in a nervous sweat, which is to be expected when you're ripping hairs out of your vagina.

All in all would I do it again? Yes, because I won't have to worry about hair growing back for atleast 3 weeks and the hair will get thinner and thinner down there. So eventually I might not even have to worry about hair down there anymore. As far as any pain after wards there was none. But she did say steer clear of any activity that will make you sweat or wet down there because it may cause a slight burn.I didn't work out but I did have sex later on that night and didn't have any issues but that's just me.

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