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5 Types Of Instagram Shops To Avoid

With Instagram become the phenomenon that it is there's no surprise that hopeful opportunist have taken to the social media platform to make a quick buck. I am of course talking about the IG boutiques that sales you hair growth hopes, weight loss dreams, and maybe an accessory or two. I myself love to window shop on IG mostly I'm just admiring make up but I have bought Fit Tea as well as a dress. Although I have been lucky, there are some people that haven't I've heard so many horror stories and seen some comments that make me never want to shop on their again. But there's no reason to really be scared to shop on IG, there's a lot of good shops just be careful, I'll tell you the shops to avoid.

Shop No. 1 Likes/Views don't Match Their Followers.

Once I was on an IG page that I used to follow and I saw they had a pair of shoes that were so cute. I went on the page to see what else the shop had to offer, first I checked the followers to see how many people the serviced, 24K followers, not bad, After looking at a few pictures I saw they only got about 54 -100 likes on a picture. If you have that many followers why are you likes so low? Something already isn't adding up. So I went ahead and unfollowed.

Shop No. 2 Doesn't Use Their Own Photos

I can understand if you're selling a dress that is similar to something that Beyonce wore that you post that picture. However, when I get to your website I should see that photo on an actual model or mannequin. I know Beyonce in all likely-hood didn't buy this dress from you. Show me what I'm really getting even the over seas shops on eBay show me the actual that to much to ask? Or if you she the same dress an model on 5 different instagram pages in addition to no actual product photos.. someones lying I don't know who so I'm just not giving my money to any of them.

Shop No. 3 They Don't Have A Website

I'm just not that trust worthy. I'm not. Why haven't you set up shop on one of the millions of free shops online? Heck even a blog will due why am I sending my order to a random email? How do I know what I'm getting? I don't know, That's to anonymous for me. NEXT!

Shop No. 4 Customers Are Silent Because They Have Nothing Good To Say

Isn't that what your Mom used to tell you when you were younger? If you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all? Yeah, that rules applies here. I know not everyone posts a review but there's plenty of people that do. If they don't have any comments and they have followers, or worst, you see the Wheres my order comment. Go. Run. Fast. They're scamming or scammed someone.

Shop No. 5 Doubles As A Shout Out Page.

You've never seen Forever 21, HM, Aldo or any other store for that matter have advertisements for they're competition on their sites? No!  Because they want you top shop there! Why do you have 300 and 1 shops on your IG page and none of them are for yours? That's just bad business, I get you're trying to make money and I wont stand in the way of any ones hustle but still fix your hustle.

*Bonus Store No. 6 Pictures Don't Match The Products

This maybe me just being a snob but I don't want to buy my clothes at the same place that you can get a hover board, weight loss pills, and hair bundles. This is not an east coast pharmacy if you're selling clothes then sale me clothes not everything under the sun. But that could just be me.. 

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