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#Fashion : How To Take Care Of Lingerie

The only way I remember how to spell lingerie properly is to pronounce it linger-E

I love buying cute panties, it perks up my whole mood and makes me feel like I have a sexy little secret . What' I don't like is the fact that they're so delicate. One day of careless laundry can have your pretty panties go from ooh-la-la to oh my my. There's nothing worse than trying to get sexy for your gentleman caller only to have your signature red ripped to shreds or full of holes. Not to fear. Here's the all inclusive guide to keeping your sexy panties sexy. 

For your Lacey Intimates:

Rule No.1 Take a careful look at the manufactures laundry care label on each garment to ensure that you're washing them properly. If you're not sure what all the symbols mean here's a helpful infograph that'll help you out. 

...And if it says dry clean only...then DRY CLEAN ONLY!!!


Spending a little extra time to care for your panties can pay off in the long run. especially if they have beadi, extra lacey or special trimming. It ensures that your panties are getting the best care.



Fill the sink with lukewarm water and soak your lingerie for 45 min - 1hour. Remember if the water is to warm the elastics in your panties will break breakdown and your panties will shrink. Luckily, cooler water can shrink your panties back to their original glory. 

After soaking pour a small amount of detergent - about a teaspoon- and gently rub the fabric together to remove and spots or stains. 


Always use a gentle detergent or one made for lingerie to clean your intimates. 0Any products contain bleach such as Woolite will be too harsh for your delicates and deteriorate the elastic.


Rinse well with cool water until the water runs clear, and once again to remove and suds left behind.


Don't even think about wringing out your panties!
Instead dry them with a soft towel. 

Lay your panties flat on a towel and then lay another towel on top and press to remove any excess water. After let them dry flat against the towel, Do not hang dry they may stretch. 

And whatever you do DON'T THROW THEM IN THE DRYER!!!


Although it saves time it wreaks havoc on the elastic and in time they'll come out looking less than perfect. 

If you just don't have the time or the patience to hand wash then -if you must- you can put them in the washer.. just be careful..

Place your panties in a mesh bag or knotted pillow case with like colors so they wont snag or tear. 

Still you must use a gentle detergent in cool water or the delicate cycle. Still NO DRYER! Follow the drying steps above. 

No matter if they're lacey babes, sporty sirens, or just plain jane knickers that rules are the same and whatever you do AVOID THE DYER! and wrap them up on a mesh bag in the wash. 

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