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How to Fray A Pair A Jeans

Frayed denim as always been a edgy fashion statement. From the punk rock teens of the 80s refusing to play by the rules to the grudge kids of the 90s who just couldn't be bothered by conformity. Frayed denim has always had a place in out little rebellious hearts. Now in 2016 we just can't seem to shake the habit frayed denim is everywhere from runway to street wear, but one question still the heck do we get that look?

Unless you want to spend a money on a pair of holy jeans or wait til your denim rip in a stylish way I have found away to get that subtle edgy look for half the price and still look like and adult not a teenage runaway.  A light fray at the ankle adds tons of personality to any pair of jeans and it doesn't take a lot of work to get there (although it may take some practice.) So let's get started..



A pair of scissors


That's pretty much it.


first fold you jeans in half so both of the ankles are lined up perfectly and cut right above the seam. The line doesn't have to be perfect but get it as straight as possible.

Next hold the ankles as tight as possible I usually hold them between my legs with one hand stretching the ankle slightly. Take the sandpaper and run it across the bottom of the jeans until they're frayed to your preference.


Alternative method you could also cut off the bottom of the ankles ( as stated in step one) and instead of using sandpaper you could wash the pair of jeans about twice to get the same effect. It may take a little longer if you want them really frayed.

Hope this was helpful leave any tips or suggestions in the comments below

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