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How to Master Walking in High Heels

The higher the heel the closer to God, or is it bigger the hair? Regardless, walking in high heels is no simple task, some times your feet can ache and worst case you fall over. But all in all when mastered it's a beautiful thing. But how exactly do you master walking in high heels? Don't worry dolls I have been both the girl that fell, walked like a new born calf, and strutted like Beyonce. Through my pain I have learned many lessons that I can pass down to you.

No. 1 Know Thou Height Limit

5 inch stilletos may look good, but if you're a newbie or don't walk in heels that often then they're not a good shoe for you. Admire from a far and opt for a lower heel. You can still look amazing in 3 inch heels and plus side you won't have to worry about falling over.

No. 2 Heel Widths Matter

Pencil thin heels make it difficult to balance and can wreck havoc on your delicate ankles. Choose something a little chunkier to give you more balance. Bonus if you get a bigger heel you might be able to get a higher heel since you have a little more balance, not to high though you're still learning.

No. 3 The Toe Flex

If you have wider toes, or are flat footed like me you might want to go with a toe with a little more width to let your toes sit comfortably. Almond toe shoes have a rounded point and elongate the leg while still being comfortable, verses a toe with a strong point. Of course, if you're foot is smaller and more narrow you can go from danger points, to squared toes. Just remember there's no point in getting a shoes if they don't fit, cause you most likely will never wear them. You can always get shoe stretcher (available on Amazon) to widen the shoe.

No. 4 Sissy your walk

Practice, practice practice. It makes perfect. You'll never know how to actually walk-in heels if you don't actually walk in them. Practice on different textures carpet will always be the easiest because the carpet fibers give you good grip. But wood and tile won't be so forgiving. So you must work them all.

Remember keep your posture tall and confident, as if a string is pulling you to the sky. Your shoulders should be relaxed, and lead with your hips. The heel comes down then your toes. Act like your Naomi Campbell on the runway, be confident, be sure in your walk (practice) and you'll have it down in no time.

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