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#Life: You Call It A Sin I Call It Living


I always find it interesting when the topic of sex comes up because there's really only two sides to the coins on how you view the women who have it. They re either sluts or "empowered" women, there's rarely any middle because the judgment usually stems from how many guys you've slept with. Typically, if its within the single digits you just had a wild streak (if now you're in a relationship) if you're in the double digits and still sleeping around, you're kinda a slut. Then you get a polite smile and invasive questions like " Don't you want to get married?" Or "Don't you feel like guys are using you?"  then a coy statement about how they could never do that to themselves, or they're just not "like that". 

Like what exactly? A slut? Whore? I ask with a very f*** you tone.
I am the woman with the number that has hit the double digits, some consider that alot. I don't. They are people I've had the pleasure (ok not all were pleasure) of being intimate with. And no I don't feel as if I was used. I never understood  why it was always the woman who had to be used and abused, why was it never the man? 

They say its because men go inside us and a part of us leaves with them, that's why apparently we're not capable to handle multiple partners.  Hogwash.  We need to just get laid after a long day and then shoo you out too. Even girls in relationships do it. They may not shoo you out after ,but you're a liar if you've never called your boo for a quickie in the laundry mat. All because they're "yours" doesn't mean that every time you're intimate that you're making love. No, sometimes a f*** is just that, a f***. You needed to get your rocks off just like the rest of us.
Us, single gals just have the benefit of not having to put up with their bs once we got what we wanted. 

No shade to relationships, they're a wonderful thing. But for me, where I'm at in my life right now. I don't need or want one. Period. I dont have time for dates, silly arguments, or chilling for no reason. I have better things to do, but theirs those nights where I'm just trying to get it in and go to bed, without all the fluff. I don't have to answer to anybody, check in, or worry about anyone but myself. Am I wrong for that? No. Do I deserve to be shamed or asked the "don't you want to get married and have kids" question or the given the "you just haven't found the right man" spill. I am happily single, and perfectly content with having girlfriends to chill and hang out with. Ladie, do you feel me? 

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