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#ProjectMe Breathe It In & Let It Out

One thing that'll always reign true is time waits for no man. There's nothing that can stop it, life always goes on, you may pause trying to collect yourself but no matter how many times you beg for it to stop, the minutes, hours, days, months and years still past by. As if it were a big blur while you're still trying to deal and cope. Everyone needs time to heal there's no doubt about that. But while you take your time to heal remember time goes on.

For  a long time I was holding on to an event in my past that was really holding me back. The crazy thing was that I never thought that it was, I was still living right? But I wasn't growing, something kept me stagnate. I prevented me from living life how I was. While my other friends were traveling, partying, I had some how convinced myself that I was content at home even though I know in my heart that that's where I wanted to be.

It wasn't until this weekend through a casual conversation that I had revealed I had been taken advantage of by a trusted friend. It happened years ago but I never told anyone. Why? I couldn't tell you, I really couldn't. But when I finally let one of my dear friends know it felt as if I was released. A huge weight had been lifted of my chest. WE had talked it out and I felt like the first time in a long time someone was there to walk this journey with me.

Sometimes that's all we need, is to know we have a listening ear, a friend that we can laugh and cry with. And most importantly that we can come home and put all our baggage down and get back out there and really live.
I hadn't realized that until then I was so scared to go out and live because at one point I did and I was shocked back in to my cage and convinced myself that I liked it in there.

But my friend told me something that jolted me right back out. " Don't let them steal your happiness, and joy. There may be darkness in your life but you're the light that can cast out any demons that you might face. Your blood is to rich to become weak."
Your past doesn't define you, you're future does. You're alive to fight another day and you never know what you're missing out on while you keep reliving your past. Accept it. Deal with it, get help if you need it. But you never stop living. You only have one life don't let one person steal it from you. You're to strong, you're to smart, and you have to much life to live . Time doesn't wait for anyone my dear, don't waste it living in the past. 

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