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The Best Way To Beat Undereye Darkness

What's life without a little fun? A little party never hurt anyone, unless of course you're an angry drunk. Then you may get hurt.  Anyway last night I went to a huge party at a castle and had way to much fun. However, the next day wasn't as fun. I had a hangover from hell and it brought under eye circles and bloody eyes with it. In other words I was hung the **** over! I hadn't drank like that in forever so when I did it hit me hard as ever. I didn't get out of bed til 2:30 in the afternoon. After drinking my weight in water and swearing off alcohol. It was time to get myself together. After refreshing and prepping my skin it was time to take care of these dark circles.

First take of the puffiness. I usually wash my face with cold water and that usually takes care of any puffiness. 

For extra puffiness I usually put on a depuffing eye Primer. Then of course I conceal with a full coverage concealer with a yellow base. The yellow base helps diminish any purple colors under the eye. 

Then, I put gold or bronze color eyeliner on my water line, that helps make your eyes look brighter. So it took care of the dull eyes. After its all said and my eyes look alive. 

I add a little of my favorite coral blush bringing it up a little bit higher to make my skin look like it's glowing.

Now when I do my eye makeup I focusing mainly on my upper lid and lashes. And LA LA you're alive... kinda..

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