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You Gotta Go;Ditch Toxic Relationships

There comes a point in every young girls life where she turns a little cold and simply can't deal anymore. Whether it is with a boyfriend or friend, she gets sick and tired of putting up with the lies, her hopes being dashed, unreliable people, and she just wants out. But she doesn't know exactly how to leave. She's become wrapped in the routine of having those people around that now she doesn't know how to be without them, so she keeps returning back to them. Why? She doesn't know to leave, she just can't live with out them. She knows they're toxic and hanging around them isn't good for her growth, but she can't shake them. I've been there y'all I have been there! I can't tell you how many times I've been there, but I can tell you before you read one more word of this article you gotta make sure that you're cutting this person off for good. There's no going back after this, you just can't keep going back to the same old thing expecting something new. So if you're serious about leaving keep reading.

Now there has to be a reason that lead you up to this decision. Whether it be them constantly bailing on last minute plans, never taking anything seriously or maybe they just haven't gotten their sh*t together? I know the last one may not seem like that big of a deal but when you're trying to grow as a person, and you have someone who is stagnate and not trying to develop themselves they'll make you stagnate to,. Remember you are who your friends are.  Realize that you're cheating yourself out of new experiences and happiness by keeping them around. Remember this.

It's time to stop the conversing. If you talk to them everyday it's time to stop that. I'm  not saying don't respond if they text you something important, but you don't speak if there's nothing to talk about. And if they're anything like the people that I mentioned above then there won't be, just let the conversation die out as normal.

After a few weeks they should've  noticed you being distant and one of three things will happen. They'll mention it to you and ask why you've been acting this way. If so, you can began to explain why you don't really want to hang out with them anymore. They'll either apologize or get offended. If it's the latter take whatever they say with a grain of salt, they're hurt. Don't get offended if they get mad, some people can't handle the truth. If they say they'll change wait till you actually have some proof ( that last longer than 2 weeks) before you take it seriously.  The third thing is they might just stop talking to you. If that's the case then let the dog sleep where it lays just let it be. No need to force something that they don't want.

In order for this to actually work, you have to be able to be by yourself. It's a painful lesson to learn but it's one of the most important lesson you'll ever learn. Everyone is not here for you, some people are only here so you can learn a lesson and you're only hurting yourself by keeping them around. Now this isn't for someone who doesn't text you everyday nor is it for people who are going through a rough patch.. It's for toxic friends that bring you down every time they're around you, betrayed your trust, or brings out the worst in you. Those people gotta go. . 

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