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How To Get Your Foundation To Look Like Skin

Don't be fooled by instagram beauty "gurus" foundation is supposed to look like your skin, not foundation caked on so heavy that if you stepped out into the summer heat you'll melt. Its supposed to look effortless and scream 'I woke up like dis'! We've lost our way but I'm here to bring up back! I love make up, from the dramatic to the simplistic but I think we can all agree when I say when it comes to foundation, our base, we want that to look as natural as possible! The trick is not as hard as it sounds, no matter if its drugstore or high end , we can all be that flawless betty with the perfect skin.

No. 1. Prep

Most, me included, skip this step. Especially if you're going somewhere you think no one is going to see you. But as Stacey London once said "No matter where you go, people are going to see you." How many times have you just ran to target just to grab something quick and you see this gorgeous guy you just knew you could bag but you left out in yesterdays leggings and foundation? Ir you see your Nemesis getting coffee and you look awful. You don't have to look like a model just put your best face forward and your best face is a prepped one. Wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, apply your treatment, then moisturize. Not that hard right? Get a extra boost by doing a light massage on the face to get that blood flow going!

No 2.  Prime.

Primer helps the foundation go on smoothly as well as fill any cracks or pores you might have. Massage gently in to your face until dissolved. Remember a gel like texture is for more oily skin and a creamy texture are for those with drier skin.

No 3 conceal.

Choose a lightweight concealer to hide your blemishes and dark circles BEFORE you apply foundation. This will insure you don't go overboard with foundation, make sure to blend well.

No. 4. Blush

This trick are for those who use a cream blush NOT a powder blush. If you use a CREAM blush before you apply your foundation then it'll look as if that blush color is coming from within in turn look alot more natural.

No. 5 foundation

Use a very light had when it comes to applying foundation. Go drop by drop. Start in the center of your face with a drop on the outer nostrils and another between the brows and blend outwards with a damp beauty blender or foundation brush ( leaving it damp prevents it from absorbing the makeup). Only apply tge foundation where you need it, its meant even out the skin, not cover it. If you go over board simply dip your powder brush in bit of moisturizer and sweep it over the skin. Not only will this help with an over use of product but itll add a glow to the skin.

No. 6 Setting Powder

Apply your setting powder where you tend to shine bright the most, usually its just the Tzone very lightly. Since tou don't have on that much foundation you wont have to worry about looking cakey.

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