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Live Fast Die Young Bad Gals Do It Well

Hey guys! Guess who's back with another story? I know I've been gone for a minute and teasing you with new posts on both my twitters (it's_Kimberli and @jaded_hills) but finally I have a few moments to actually write plus I have story's ! As you know I've moved to a brand new apartment in Charlotte and so far so good, it's been a few weeks I haven't been stalked, my car hasn't been broken in to, or gotten mugged, I also haven't heard of any such thing happening so that's also a bonus.

{I've met a few guys some have been great, others not so much, and some were just a good time. All in all its been a nice ride. But let's get to what you really want to hear, the boys. And on the off chance, if someone I know is reading this, well just enjoy the story.}

I awoke on a lazy Wednesday wondering what life has in store for me. Some people enjoy a lazy days, I'm not one of those people. I have to do something everyday, at the very least I have to get out the house.  Today was one of those days. I've been talking to this guy named S.R. we met online and had few good conversations, so we decided to meet up.

Its all incredibly humid down here and, Today was no different.  So I grabbed a pair of high waisted shorts and a gray crop top with my favorite lacey flats hopped in my uber and left out to meet him.

 I broke cardinal rule No.1 I met him at the hotel he was staying at in Uptown. He's only down here for a few weeks for football practice so I figured there's lots of cameras and I was grabbing an uber to get there so plenty of people would see me and know where I was. Do as I say not as I do.

I pulled up to the hotel nervous but excited, half because I was downtown and I'm meeting a new person, the first person besides my coworkers. I walked up to the room and knocked. The door opened and I already knew there would be a problem. He stood in the open door way topless, full of tattoos, long dreads, muscles bludging, and a handsome smile. Could you blame me if I was alittle taken back?

We hugged hello and I sat down on one of the beds in the room while he lays down the other. We talk about our days, his practice, my work and our hobbies. After a while we started play fighting with the pillows, we poked fun it was nice.

Then...he asked about my boob's. Ugh right? I have big breasts. I do, and I like to flaunt them while they still sit up right. But it's still like the f*** did you really ask that?

Of course I didn't tell him my actual size, so he asked if he could guess. I said sure. After a few tries he guessed correctly. Then asked if he could see them. No, was my first answer. In hopes to show him the rudeness of his question I just as bluntly asked him to show me his dick, He hesitated and said " I asked first."

"I don't care." I responded. "You want to see my tits show me your dick."

Silence fell and he got back on his phone for a little while. "OK." He said as he got up. He pulled down his basketball shorts to show me his package. It wasn't bad, but it's nothing to be amazed at. Noticing that I wasn't impressed he said "It's a grower."

 In my head, I was dying. Who says that? Like get the f** out. "Your turn." He said as he pulls up his shorts. I stand up and flash my breasts. He asked to touch them if he let me touch his dick. Yeah, yeah, so we touched parts like we were in 8th grade.

Fast forward I end up laying up with him in his bed and he's rubbing my booty. Now, please, understand, I have been single for a while. I talk a big game but I haven't been touched in a while. I'm vulnerable. You know when you haven't getting any for a while,and when masturbating just isn't doing it for you anymore. And you get a sweet touch it makes your cold heart melt. Like a nice booty rub? It's like oh mi god. So yeah I slept with him.

It lasted all of three seconds, not worth the uber drive  over there. As soon as I was getting into it, it was over. He smiled nervously and said I came. I'm like...ugh, are you serious? We tried again, he flopped, literally.

By that time I'm done, in my mind you're not even lonely-drunk-horny booty call worthy. After we got dressed we went out to eat. He paid for my uber, we hugged and left. At the very least when I see him playing football on TV I can chuckle to myself and say I hit that.

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