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My First Threading Experience

I've been neglecting myself lately after my wax in April, I haven't been really doing much of anything honestly in regards to hair removal . I just really let it go, but I'm getting my groove back I've just been single for to long.

Anyway, today I went to get my eyebrows waxed because concealer can only do so much. I walk in to the salon to find only one person working. I asked for a waxing she said that they weren't doing waxing today. Wait what? I thought. If there are certain days you don't provide a service, advertise it. Not have me drive 20 minutes out to find that out. I asked the young woman doing eyebrow threading if I could just do that, she agreed but there was a wait. Not long, like probably 10-15 minutes so I sat and waited.

Side bar, a woman came in looking to get a wax or something or another and had to wait as well and as she sat she glanced over at my phone being nosey. So I tweeted about her nosey a** if you follow me on twitter you would have seen that.

Anyway, back to my threading experience. When its my turn I sit in the chair and she asked me to hold my eyebrow taunt and she begins. It hurt like a bee sting over and over again. To give you a better idea if you ever had an eyebrow razor, the one that you get from the beauty supply store. Imagine dragging that the backwards against your skin. I thought I would be bleeding by the time it was over, thats how bad it hurt. However, my eyebrows are flawless.

There is no beauty with out a little pain, whether its with eyebrow threading or saying no to pizza, pain is pain. Anyway, will I be returning? Probably. If they last longer than waxing then yes I can deal. But if it doesnt then I'll be going back to waxing.

Have you ever done I brow threading? Do you prefer it to waxing? Let me know in the comments!

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