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Rihanna's Night Cap In Dublin

Earlier this week you might have heard the Rihanna broke down in tears during her concert while preforming 'Love The Way you Love'. After the hotel coaught wind of her break down they prepared a drink especially for her to help calm her nerves.

On a hard night like that everyone deserves a good drink. I found out the drink that they sent her up after her performance. It's the perfect blend of sweet pineapple juice and whickey that'll make you fill warm and comforted in side.  The best part is you can make it at home.

photo courtesy of Rihanna's Instagram 

What you'll need....

Fresh pineapple juice and Yamazaki 12 whiskey.

For every cup of fresh pineapple juice you use you want to use a shot of whiskey. It helps the pain go down.

This would be perfect after a long day at work, or just a day off. It would be amazing.

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