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The Worst Date Ever

I've had my fair share of assholes in my life. From my first who played me like poker to my most recent ex that would get upset if I waited for him to open the door for me.

However, this guy took the cake. It's a dull Friday night I'm at home watching Netflix with this guy named Chris.  In text he was cool. There was some mean spirited texts going back and forth, all flirtatious.  We had originally planned to go to get drinks at the dessert bar.  But he decided to change plans last minute, for some random reason, to go see some concert that was going on and "see where the night takes us."

Umm OK, I guess? It didn't seem nearly as meeting at a fun place first then go off somewhere. No, this, running around with town with someone I hardly know is better. I had already ordered my uber so I might as well go. The uber was late, and didn't bother to call to tell me that they were lost. That should have been a sign to stay at home and just be charged the 5 dollars. But I pressed on! After finding my uber I end up down town in an overly decked out Mellow Mushroom. Standing out front looking like little girl lost. I call him to tell him that I'm here and ask him where he is. Soon I see a figure in the distance, coming closure but not growing. The closer he gets under that he's a muscular guy that frequents the gym. He has the typical f*** boy hair cut, clean shaven, wearing Brick colored slacks, blue polka dotted shirt, and loafers. Very dressed compared to my distressed jeans and crop top. We walked over to the park and had a seat. He showed be the building where he worked which was right next to the park. We then did the usual date talk. Where are you from, what do you like tho do, blah blah.

Then I saw a 7 eleven, the cornerstone of my childhood. I told them how I loved Slurpee's and how much I missed them. He'd never had one so of course we had to go there. When we got up he kept bringing up my instagram picture that was quoted "lashes and ass" something that he kept talking about in text, as if it were the most fascinating thing ever. Then asked me why I had put that under the picture. Like I don't know, you saw lashes and ass. Mind you this conversation was happening while he was a good 5 paces behind me. We eventually got our Slurpee's. Then headed back to the park and talked. He kept checking his phone throughout our conversation, his reason being his friend just had a death in the family and isn't doing that well. He had originally planned to go out with him but since he wasn't responding he went out with me. Really? That's flattering. We had eventually gotten on the subject on religion because I said he wasn't that religious because he didn't go to church. He didn't understand how church made him any more or less religious. So we had a debate about that until it got tiresome. I don't care for religion so having a debate about why church makes you more religious is pointless. But that is a post for another day.

After the conversation and I mean immediately after he said he was to worried about his friend and had to call him. So that's the end of our date. I think he's going to attract wait for me to order my damn uber before ditching me. Nope as I followed him out the park as he says how smart I am, and apologizing for ending the night, as well as promising to get up again. I'm left downtown on Friday waiting for an uber while this dick just leaves. I chalked it up to him being offended that I said he wasn't religious. Honestly, I can take an L. But to straight up leave? Was it that serious? My uber came and I went home. I promptly blocked his number. If his style didn't turn me off the fact that the night was not only dull but you were in such a rush to make that phone call. Is a turn off.  A few days later he sent me a snap on snapchat of him partying... Well drinking while some guy sat and watched him. I left it on seen. Boy bye.

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