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There has been at least 6 police shootings , and 1 mass shootings against the police in the last week or so. Those are only the ones that I know of, it's sick and pointless violence. I'm so tired of hearing of it, I'm tired of talking about it, I'm just sick and f**** tired of it. How is it that in 2016 that a man is considered a threat simply because of his skin color? How is it when you tell a man to get his license you end up shooting him? How is three gun shots to the face of a cuffed man self defense? And what good does it to kill innocent police men? You're inflicting the same hate and prejudiced against them as they do to us.  It's not right.

Neither side is right, both sides are just mad. But violence against violence isn't going to do anything. We didn't come this far with violence, but working to fight against the ignorance and educating the ignorant. There's racist cops yes but not all of them are bad, there are dangerous black people but not all of them mean you harm. We're just trying to make it home like the rest of you.

There's no need to have your hand on your gun if you're dong a traffic stop, wear a vest if you think you're going to get shot. Hell, if you're that scared take off the uniform and go get a desk job. If you have a power complex then go be the manager of a fast food restaurant, but you don't deserve to have a position over someone's life.

I've been saying this for years guys, I've been fighting for years, I've heard every racist story in the book. There's no excuse to shoot anyone that is unarmed if you're able to fight. I honestly didn't even want to write this post, cause I'm so over it, but I have a platform, though it's small it's still mine. And I have a right to speak out about the injustices my brothers and sisters are facing. I proudly say #BLACKLIVESMATTER with no shakiness in my voice. I also pray to watch over the police officers, my brother in law is an officer, my nephew's father is a officer. I would be devastated if all this hatred and anger took his life.  He is not just a cop, they are not just cops, they are people, they have families. They're not just black people, they are someone's brother, sister's, daughters and son's.  Retaliate against the police officer that did you wrong, not against all cops. This is not a war, this is ignorance at it's finest.

Put away the guns, and pick up a book. Learn to fight with your knowledge instead of a gun. Fight the system, get stricter laws and have law enforcement under go psychic elevations, make it easier to obtain the police camera footage, and hold the officer responsible if there is an unlawful shooting and treat him like a civilian fire (i.e. jail time). Fight to hold the officer accountable if he breaks the law, Don't just shoot blindly, fix the problem. Don't just march... march to change a law. We keep saying don't shoot us like they're listening when clearly they're not. We have to make consequences for these officers, everyone is already aware of the issue at hand, there's enough hashtags and social media black outs to go around the world twice. Let's boycott til a law is changed, then we'll see a true difference. But until people really get out there and start fighting to have laws changed instead of just protesting to protest and spread awareness. Its not working. Theyre tuning out. Give them something to do, something to listen to something to change. To seriously stop this mess. 

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