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Can Women Have Sex like Men? Heck Yes!

It's always surprising to me that people always say women can't have sex like men. It makes it seem as if women aren't capable of doing what men can do. It's all a plot to trick women to "behaving", to not hurt men like they've hurt us.

Yes, ladies we can date like men, anyone who has ever seen Sex and the city can tell you that. Samantha is the queen of promiscuity and she does it all while running an amazing PR firm. Her life isn't just a fantasy you can make it a reality. Now I'm not sure about her career side, I am sure about her sex side and how she managed to be sexually ambitious without heart breaks.

I want to make one thing clear though,this lifestyle is not for everyone. It's not. Just like every man can't have sex for the purpose of having sex, every women can't either. It's for a certain type of person that is looking for only one thing, sex. If you want love then don't even put yourself out there like that. It's not worth it.

But if you think you could handle this fast paced, high risk lifestyle, then read on my on...

The most important thing that women have to do that men don't have to is, we have to eliminate all relationship type things outside of sex. No cuddling, no spooning, no texting throughout the day just to check in. You're not his girlfriend don't do girlfriend things or allow him to do boyfriend things. Why? We sometimes see things more than what they are. While we think he's trying to find out more about us, he's just trying to see if you're up for hooking up for the night.

We like being held and doing cute things we then being to think that things are more than what they are when they're not? I mean why else would he stay after and spoon all night if he didn't like us? BECAUSE HE'S TIRED!! That's why! And men like to cuddle too. It's nothing more than that. Sorry ladies.

Don't believe me? Let me tell you a story. Once I was in collage and I was messing around with this guy I called accident. Every Friday, Saturday or so he would come over and we'd have sex and he'd stay the night. The bed was small so we had to cuddle. We would text sometimes throughout the day and I would even hear from him over the holidays. I thought there was something more there. Maybe I was young and dumb or maybe because he would text me cute stuff and I was dickmatized. Still it was to much for a no strings attached sexual relationship.

When he found out I wasn't coming back after summer the calls just stopped. I was just kind of left there wondering what it was. It was just sex. That's why anything outside of sex and general talk, then no.

Another thing is to have something else going on in your life. Please just don't just go around waiting til your next booty call. These guys are just dildos with legs, there's no need to plan your night or life around them. They're there for you.

Also and I can't stress this enough. Be safe and stay protected. At no point should you trust these boys, no point. If it's his first time coming over to your place (and I do this for everyone) hide your stuff. Like your bank cards and don't let them sleep over. While you're sleeping they could be searching for something.

And of course wear a condom. These guys you're messing around with aren't in a relationship with you, or even if you are ain't no one trying to have any babies and you never know what they're really up to. That's just sex 101.

Lastly, keep it strictly dickly. As I said if you're in it for the pleasure, keep it for the pleasure. You really have to take your heart out of it. Don't have him calling you to talk, coming over to chill, or even feed him. If he's thirsty have him drink from the hose in the backyard. Just kidding, but you get my point don't do girlfriend stuff for a boy that has no commitment to you.

*Please take this article with a grain of salt. It's a nice laugh or could be something you want to implement if you really want this kind of life. At the end of the day laugh it off and have some fun.

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